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Authors as Readers: Anna Martin

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What was the first book you’ve read?
*I had to go back and check! A friend recommended the Deviations series because I was in the middle of getting Another Way ready to submit to a publisher and I had managed to convince myself that no one wanted to read M/M BDSM. She made her point very well! After that I read Heidi Cullinan’s Special Delivery, which is also kinky, come to think of it.

What is your favorite book?
*Oh god, I don’t know. There are a few that have blown me away – Catch My Breath by MJ O’Shea was just so on the edge, there’s not a lot in this genre that can raise eyebrows like that book did so I have a huge amount of respect for her. I was totally blown away by Haunted Pub by Melanie Tushmore, still can’t believe that one was self-published. I’m fangirling over my friends now, how embarrassing.

What’s your favorite sub-genre/category (paranormal, shifters, cops, suspense, dystopian, BDSM, etc)?
*I write contemporary novels. I’ve tried to read non-contemporary stories and it just doesn’t do anything for me. I do read BDSM, although I’m not sure I actively go and seek it out. It seems like the books that I buy generally have a degree of kink in them which always ends up as a pleasant surprise!

Which book would you love to see made into a movie?
*One of mine, obviously!! I think, out of all of them, it would have to be Cricket. That novel was as much about the setting as it was about the plot and the characters. I think it would make a good BBC drama… if the BBC ever got into filming gay romance, that is. Or, if not one of mine, I’d pick After Ben by Con Riley.

Which book do you wish you had written?
*Oh, anything by Josephine Myles. She lives just down the road from me (not literally, she’s a couple of towns over, but we’re both south-westerly girls). She takes you on a tour of Wessex in her books and I love pretty much everything she’s written. The Christmas outtake of The Hot Floor? Hot damn.

Who is your book boyfriend?
*Like, which character am I in a serious fictional relationship with?! Jesse from the Another Way series has a special place in my heart, but he’s not interested in me that way. To be honest, when I wrote Ryan from Cricket I created my perfect man. I’m going to get personal now – apologies in advance – but I’m one of those women with a Man That Got Away. Ryan is that man in disguise.

What book are you currently reading or reading next?
*I’m not reading anything at the moment. Junk by Jo Myles is on my TBR list and I’m eagerly awaiting getting my teeth into whatever it is Piper Vaughn and Kade Boheme are working on at the moment – they keep posting snippets on Facebook and I want to read it! NOW!

Anna Martin’s website can be found here.

One comment on “Authors as Readers: Anna Martin

  1. Sheri
    October 11, 2013

    Oh my, you just listed several books on my tbr list. I am looking forward to Special Delivery and Catch my Breath…and now Hot Floor is on my radar as well…it looks, well, smoking hot! Thanks for the rec :)


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