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LIVE BLOGGING: GRL 2013 – Thursday (post 3)

Susan live blogs her first GRL!

Wow…so after the very eventful afternoon of panels and proposals (!!!), I stopped by the publisher room to pick up MORE books (gifts!).  And found my favorite book of the year, “Glitterland”! (the cover is kinda growing on me…kinda…)


6:00pm – At the MLR welcome cocktail reception, I continue to woo and win over JCP.  Here I pull out the big guns and represent w/ my “I <3 PsyCop” shirt.  Can you tell she adores me? :)


Also caught a really great picture of LC Chase and Rick Reed!


8:30pm – Went downstairs to the lobby bar to grab a bite and saw Aleksandr Voinov.  He’s deep in a heavy discussion here about…ummm…historical novels (<-I don’t know…just my guess… :) )


10:30pm – so the rumors are true.  We had a blacklight Juke Joint party and yes yes…there were porn actors there dancing in itty bitty pieces of cloth.  Now, I have nothing against porn or dancing or itty bitty pieces of cloth.  It’s not really my thing though…so I took a peek but mostly, I shied away.  (I’m sure you’ll find lots of pictures on FB and twitter from the others!!!)

Here, however, is a picture of the crowd dancing!


At one point, a really creepy trucker dude came up to harass me.  He bent down and said “I have to tell you…….that I’m Heidi Cullinan”  To which I scream “Holy fuckballs, I can’t fucking believe it!”


Oh…and just to top the night off…I found myself in a dance circle with Jordan Castillo Price, KA Mitchell, and JP Barnaby.  You know…no biggie…not fucking surreal…at ALL.

7 comments on “LIVE BLOGGING: GRL 2013 – Thursday (post 3)

  1. shelley
    October 18, 2013

    OMG This is the BEST!
    You met your very own Trucker Fucker!!! Bahahaha (I’m not being crude, remember that book?”

    And you look GREAT in the psyCops shirt – JCP totes adores you …It’s obvious you are her favorite.

    You gave me a major squee moment with the Aleks pic. *swoons* at what he may be concocting next.

    And Glitterland needs a new cover, it’s not growing on me.


    • loederkoninginkatinka
      October 20, 2013



  2. Sheri
    October 18, 2013

    Holy shit! I’m awestruck….what a night!
    btw, lovin’ the PsyCop shirt…you may have to trade in your stalker card for a BFF card. ;)
    GAH! I love hanging in your pocket, but I don’t want you overdoing it. I say a nap is in order today, k?
    Have a chillin’ day my love


  3. Vivian A
    October 18, 2013

    Sounds totally awesome. And, Heidi’s sense of humor is frickin’ fantastic!


  4. shelley
    October 18, 2013

    WHAT? So … that’s not really a creepy trucker dude? Oh God I’m so daft …that really is Heidi isn’t it? I thought the trucker was just having a laugh with you. It’s perfectly fine if you want to pretend you never knew me. Ever. I’ll go hide now …. :/


    • loederkoninginkatinka
      October 20, 2013

      Thje dude’s a girl? Nice job!


  5. Rachel G
    October 18, 2013

    I also had a “squee moment” for the picture of Aleks! My first glimpse of Mr. Voinov and for that I thank you, Susan. :) Sounds like you are having a blast and I will check back for more updates.


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