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LIVE BLOGGING: GRL 2013 – Saturday (post 3)

Susan live blogs her first GRL!

5:30pm – after the book signing, there was a cocktail reception sponsored by Samhain.  Everyone was pretty tuckered by this point but I has some great conversations about BDSM, the polyamorous lifestyle, and bondage. Nothing like some light mundane chit chat before dinner.

9:00pm – The Total Bound costume party was impressive. I have to admit, I am not a costume person. I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween…erm…except for the candy, obviously.  But, the great thing about EVERYTHING at GRL…you get the full spectrum!  Some people went ALL out, some people put on a simple costume, and some people came in the easiest costume of all: themselves!  Because of all the makeup and masks, I’m not sure who’s who to be honest.  But here are some of the highlights!


And here’s me and my fellow NY reader, Lorraine! :)


Tomorrow is the last day.  As fun and awesome as this has been…I’m tired.  Exhausted, really.  The schedule has been jam-packed and the festivities amazing…it’s a LOT to take in a few short days. I could sleep for a week after this! :)

One last post tomorrow!

4 comments on “LIVE BLOGGING: GRL 2013 – Saturday (post 3)

  1. Sheri
    October 20, 2013

    YAY! Your NOLA mask looks incredible! and the costumes look crazy and fun. *whew* glad you are headed home soon. I can’t even imagine how exhausted you are.


  2. loederkoninginkatinka
    October 20, 2013

    Love masked balls and…basically, masked events! This looks like fun, but I can imagine you must be so tired now. I wish you a safe trip home, lots of sleep, herbal tea and fluffy sweatpants and socks!<3


  3. syleegurl
    October 22, 2013

    I’m AWFUL at costume-y type things. But, it was fun. (I left early though…)


    • Sheri
      October 22, 2013

      I LOVE costume-y things! So so bummed that I’m putting my costume for this weekend back in the box….but I went shopping for baby goodies today and lost my moping funk….
      shopping usually does the trick, besides who can pout when looking at newborn pressies :D
      Glad to see the NOLA mask shine though…you looked fantastic!


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