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FREEFIC WEEK – GUEST READER REVIEW: “The God Eaters” by Jesse Hajicek

Boys in our Books welcomes ttg with a Guest Reader Review


Imprisoned for ‘inflammatory writings’ by the totalitarian Theocracy, shy intellectual Ashleigh Trine figures his story’s over. But when he meets Kieran Trevarde, a hard-hearted gunslinger with a dark magic lurking in his blood, Ash finds that necessity makes strange heroes… and love can change the world.


The God Eaters is an excellent m/m fantasy romance novel that has the extra awesome bonus for being available free to read online.

At over 177k words, The God Eaters tells an amazing and enthralling story set in an alternative world where magic abilities exist, and a totalitarian government has tight control over who is allowed to have these abilities. Kieran and Ash are two young men who meet while they are being sent to prison for their crimes–robbery and murder for Kieran, and distributing rebellious propaganda for Ash. Both have talents, and they find that the prison isn’t just a place to contain criminals, but is a government testing ground for magical abilities. Surviving prison life and the torturous tests is made only easier by the slow growing relationship between them, a relationship that incites them to plan an escape from the inescapable mountain they’re locked in.

This is a long book, but totally captivating. The world-building and characterization is rich and vivid, and the character and relationship development is riveting. I was totally enveloped in Kieran and Ash’s fight for freedom and for their desperate, heart-aching love for each other. (I totally cried at one point like a baby too.) Even with that weepy interlude, the ending is thoroughly satisfying.

Excellent excellent book, and highly recommended for anyone looking for an m/m fantasy read. Definitely one of the best fantasy books I’ve read in the genre.

You can buy a dead tree version from places like Amazon, but you can read the whole thing for free online at fictionpress here. If you don’t like reading online, you can use tools like Flagfic or Story Master to make an ebook version of the story.



613268Title:  “The God Eaters”
Author:  Jesse Hajicek
Pages:  452
Release Date:  August 1, 2006
URL: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2610279/1/

6 comments on “FREEFIC WEEK – GUEST READER REVIEW: “The God Eaters” by Jesse Hajicek

  1. julio
    November 10, 2013

    I loved this book. Great review, TTG!


    • TTG
      November 10, 2013

      Thanks, Julio! It really is a wonderful book. I think it’s neat that he leaves it up for free.


  2. loederkoninginkatinka
    November 10, 2013

    Fantastic review TTG. As always. Maybe I need to push through. I didn’t really give it a fair chance the first time around..


    • TTG
      November 10, 2013

      It is a long book, over 400 pages. It probably depends on what wasn’t working for you. For me, I was pretty entranced the entire time. I also like that the prison part wasn’t the whole book, and it takes this whole other direction as well. If you like fantasy reads, it could be worth another try, but it’s possible too that the style just didn’t work for you.


  3. Jenni
    November 12, 2013

    Awesome review. I’ve had this downloaded to my Kindle for several months. Your words make me want to start reading right this minute! :)


  4. BigGayKirk
    February 3, 2015

    I’m going through withdrawal after reading this. I devoured this book in record time. One of the best novels of any genre I’ve ever read in recent memory. Why can’t I find any other books by this author?? I was hoping to find sequels, or a series, or a totally different novel from him. Anyone know?


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