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REVIEW: “Grime Doesn’t Pay” by ZA Maxfield


Eddie Vasquez is hot for his niece Lucy’s third grade teacher, B. Andrew (call me Andrew) Daley. Eddie can’t wait to take Andrew dancing to show him his moves. The only problem is, Andrew keeps talking about books Eddie hasn’t read, that he can’t read — at least not in the usual way — because Eddie’s dyslexic.

When the two men find Eddie’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Henderson, wandering the school grounds confused and smelling of human decomposition, they come together to help her. Eddie’s fiercely loyal, and this is the teacher who uncovered Eddie’s learning disability and helped him regain his self-esteem. He’ll do anything, even take on a massive cleaning job pro bono to pay Mrs. Henderson back for the support she’s given him.

Andrew and Eddie come from different worlds, Eddie can’t read, Andrew can’t dance. Andrew’s father is a horrible snob and if all Eddie’s secrets are laid bare, he’ll have plenty to feel superior about. But Eddie and Andrew have taken on a massive project together, and their growing attraction can’t be denied. They learn the trick to forming a lasting partnership in dance and in life might be finding a partner whose weaknesses you can live with and whose strengths make you look good, in Grime Doesn’t Pay


There is a sign that you are reading a good book … when you cannot put it down. I was not feeling well when I read this, I suffered from stomach flu and had been feeling weak for two days, couldn’t even had the energy to read. But when I received the ARC, once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I read it, while trying to get in a comfortable position in my bed, stomachache and all. I was so immersed with the life of Eddie “Cha-Cha” Vasquez and B. Andrew Daley, that I read all through it in a few hours.

This is MY kind of book, people, and I LOVED every minute of it.

Grime Doesn’t Pay dealt with several issues, not easy ones, I’d say. Let’s see, we have Eddie who suffered from dyslexia. Andrew, whose father was a hoarder. Andrew was worried that it was all in the genes, and the OCD that he had, that he couldn’t let go of a good book, was a sign that he could end up a hoarder like his father. Then there was another character, an ex-teacher of Eddie’s, who suffered from dementia. I mean, WOW, right? Imagine the drama!

But interestingly, I thought Z.A. Maxfield was able to pull off the story without making me, as a reader, felt pity for the characters or overwhelmed with the problems. Instead, I loved how they dealt with it along with their friends and family. I loved each and every character, with their flaws and all. I thought Eddie and Andrew complemented each other. They had a beautiful chemistry and they overcame their differences with grace, even if there were arguments and slammed doors.

The part where Eddie and his brothers along with partners in The Brothers Grime helped Andrew clean his father’s house was the strongest scene of this book. It was really gripping in a down-to-earth kind of way, you know? You learned a lot about Andrew and his fear, about Reese (Andrew’s father) and his pain of losing his wife, in this scene. But at the same time, you also see how Eddie felt connected to Reese because they were both, ‘defective’.

I could go on and on … but the main point is the story SPEAKS to ME. It is a story about imperfection. A story about life and its problems but written in a understated and realistic tone without having to add excessive angst or amount of sugar. It is the kind of story that touches me deeper and stays with me for a much longer time.

If I had a complaint, which stopped me from giving this 5-stars, was the fact that when I thought about it, Eddie and Andrew were only together in a relationship for a week. Which meant it was sort of insta-love – not a thing I enjoy in any romance. My issue of course, others might think differently.

Because life is not a fairy tale” … that is the slogan for The Brothers Grime. Well, maybe it is not. But once in awhile, when you get the help and support from other people, either your family, friends, or even a professional one, your life could be more meaningful and richer than fairy tale…



zm_grimedoesn_tpay-eddieTitle:  Grime Doesn’t Pay (The Brothers Grime #2)
Author:  ZA Maxfield
Publisher:  Loose-ID
Pages:  261
Release Date:  November 26, 2013
Purchase Links:  Loose-ID

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Grime Doesn’t Pay” by ZA Maxfield

  1. Sophia Rose
    November 26, 2013

    I loved the first book in the series and ZAM’s writing in general. I am really looking forward to this one especially after reading your review.


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