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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “The Ghosts of Bourbon Street” by Rowan Speedwell



New Orleans bartender Paul isn’t looking for love, but it seems something in the bar has other ideas.

As a bartender at his family’s gay New Orleans bar, Paul Thibodeaux finds it easy to pick up guys. Too easy—he drifts from one encounter to the next. He’s drifting through life, too. He barely even notices the naked guys dancing on the bar in front of him. When his friends challenge him, he has to admit he never looks higher than their knees. But then one night, he does. He’s not sure what to make of Michael, the dancer who catches his eye, but something in Jean-Thom’s old building seems to have an opinion about him, and the evening he finds Michael someplace he shouldn’t be is going to change his life…


Oh this short was a lot of fun. I’ve been on this ‘soul mates’ kick. And this story has elements of that.

Paul is a bartender and part owner of a family bar. I love his story of growing up reading and making up characters who’ve lived in and around his family’s property. There’s something kinda sad and lonely about him and I related to bits of his life. I wanted for him to be happy.

Michael is an accountant, a twinkle-toed dancer, and apparently, on the wrong side of an abusive relationship. I didn’t quite feel like I got to know him as well as Paul…but I liked him for Paul.

Because the story is short, a lot of the details were rushed and there were things I didn’t quite buy into (If his brother was so upset at Paul’s random hook-ups, what made him think the nude dancers at his bar would be a better option? And I need more of Michael’s backstory w/ the rich boyfriend).

But, what I loved about this story was the minor paranormal element. It was a cool extra and made me feel like someone might be watching over me too…trying to direct my happiness.

When the 2 guys finally do get together, I found it sweet and almost desperate…their need and want and inexplicable connection to one another.

I really, really want more of this story and with all the interesting side characters, I think there’s so much material for me. What do you think Ms. Speedwell…can we get some more pleeease?!





18804019Title: The Ghosts of Bourbon Street
Author:  Rowan Speedwell
Publisher:  MLR
Pages:  73
Release Date:  November 29. 2013
Purchase Links:  

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