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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Taking A Chance” by Anne Brooke



The moment model and part-time actor Benjamin spots the sexually alluring Alan outside his local restaurant, he’s determined to get to know him better. So he takes a chance and pretends to be Timothy, the blind date Alan is waiting for.

When Alan asks him about submission, safe words and spanking, Benjamin knows the sensible thing to do would be to leave. Funny then how he finds himself eager to know more. Will it be a date to remember and, if Alan discovers his deceit, could he ever be persuaded to take a chance on Benjamin?



“Hello. Are you Timothy?” He wasn’t …but he wanted to be, so he said “Yes, that’s right. Pleased to meet you.” 

Gah…can you IMAGINE!

Benjamin likes the look of this older stranger and the stranger likes him …it could be a disaster, it could be bliss, and he could be discovered, but Benjamin chooses to go with it – to go with him – a stranger, and possibly have the best (or worst) experience of his life.

Oh boy, only in fiction. This little short is pure indulgent fiction that might just give you the courage to step outside your safety zone and take a chance (not that I’m saying you should…God No!). But just once wouldn’t it be fun to be completely bold and impulsive when meeting a stranger who captures your attention and your imagination so absolutely?

This is my first experience of this author and I really enjoyed this short story – it was very nicely done considering the length. Anne Brooke paints a clear picture of these men not only through Benjamin’s POV but through dialogue. Alan’s (the stranger) voice and speech resonates with a timber that is strong, commanding and utterly trustworthy. There is an underlying tension that Benjamin’s deceit will be discovered but overshadowing that is the anticipation of what the bold stranger does or asks next, the sexual tension builds with each request and ultimately …I’m not saying what happens next. Ha! Sowwy …you need to read it J

I was fully engaged very early on and was left wanting more. Less than 60 pages are not enough for me to LOVE this, but I really did like it.

PS: This is very, very light on the BDSM. Nothing manifests beyond some light D/s play.





18756941Title:  Taking A Chance
Author:  Anne Brooke
Publisher:  Wilde City Press
Release Date:  November 5, 2013
Purchase Links:  Wilde City Press

One comment on “PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Taking A Chance” by Anne Brooke

  1. s0ph1ar0s3
    December 4, 2013

    LOL! I don’t mind reading about big chance takers and this sounds good, but not in real life. Thanks for sharing!


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