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REVIEW: “The Knight and the Prince / The Knight and the Red Cloak” by Dru Wellington


The Knight and the Prince (Knights of the Compass, #1)

Forced into an involuntary engagement, Prince Corinth of the North disguises himself and flees to the forbidden city of Evermort to enjoy the last of his freedom. Though a dangerous venture–as Northerners are usually welcomed with the end of a sharp sword–it’s worth the risk for a night of true liberation … and to vex his father.

After losing half his men in a violent battle at the border of the North and South kingdoms, Sir Axle of the South seeks to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a tankard of beer. He hates Northerners for their cruel and obnoxious ways, hates them for taking his people as slaves to work the mines, hates them for the murderers they are. His motto: Meet a Northerner, and unsheathe your sword.

And when a cloaked Northerner enters his tavern, unsheathe his sword Axle does …

The Knight and the Red Cloak (Knights of the Compass, #2)

After three knights and three failed tries, Sir Rowan Wolf sets of into the kingdom of the West to learn two things: why King Maas is in a hurry to marry into the royal family of the West; and who keeps drugging his men and sending them back down the river.

Noel, dressed in his late father’s red cloak, is asked by the king to keep him in hiding and perform one task, a task that Noel wishes he could refuse. But doing so would condemn his kingdom to King Maas’s vicious hand.

No choice but to prepare a potion that will kill the king of the West, Noel hunts for ingredients in the deep, dark woods. Woods Noel thinks he knows like the back of his hand … until he meets a Wolf that leads him astray.


I love fairy-tale stories … so when I read how these short stories was ‘marketed’ as an original gay fairy tale, how can I resist?

Dru Wellington did well to set the world-build of medieval era, with four Kingdoms in by way of the Compass: North, South, East, and West. King Maas, of the North, seemed to be the mutual villain and the two stories related to his evil way of ruling and the threat he posed to the neighboring Kingdom.

In The Knight and the Prince, the story focused on Prince Corinth of the North (King Maas’s son) who was on the run, (he was trying to embrace his last days of freedom before being forced to marry a Princess) and ended up being captured by Knight Axle of the Southern Kingdom. I found myself highly entertained reading this enemies-to-lovers tale, especially the part where Corinth tried to gain his freedom by flirting with the Knight. The chemistry between the knight and the prince was strong and it was easy to believe how perfect the couple were – despite them being enemies of sort in the beginning.

While The Knight and the Red Cloak clearly took inspiration from Red Riding Hood; it was the story of Rowan Wolf, Knight Axle right hand man and Noel, a healer from West Kingdom. Plot wise it was slightly more complicated – also the I was scratching my head regarding Noel’s relationship with the King – I assumed that Noel’s father and the King became lovers, at one time, but wasn’t the King married and already have a daughter?!? Having said that, Noel and his Wolf definitely had sexier time … it was a bit leaning to ALMOST dub-con situation, because Rowan Wolf’s idea of ‘punishing’ Noel involved some sex moves. It was pretty fun, and I never for once thought Noel didn’t enjoy being with Wolf, even with a lot of teeth involved (Wolf surely loved to bite!!).

The first story was around 25k while the second was 22k which you can gobble up under an hour. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for fun and light MM fairy tale romance. And guess what, they both cost $ 0.99 only!

RATING: 4  STARS (for both)


knight_compass1Title: The Knight and the Prince (Knights of the Compass, #1)
Author: Dru Wellington
Publisher: Dru Wellington/Self-Pub
Pages: 84
Release Date: December 20th, 2013
Purchase Links: Amazon

knight_compass2Title: The Knight and the Red Cloak (Knights of the Compass, #2)
Author: Dru Wellington
Publisher: Dru Wellington/Self-Pub
Pages: 74
Release Date: December 20th, 2013
Purchase Links: Amazon

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2 comments on “REVIEW: “The Knight and the Prince / The Knight and the Red Cloak” by Dru Wellington

  1. Tracy
    January 1, 2014

    These sound great, Ami! Thanks for reviewing. :D


    • Ami
      January 2, 2014

      I enjoyed my fairy-tale story :)


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