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REVIEW: “Kraken” by M. Caspian


Kraken: A gothic erotic horror with tentacle non-con.

When boyfriend Parker gives him an ultimatum Will never dreams his heart is about to be ripped out: move to a remote off-shore island with him, or call it quits. But Will picks wrong, and now he’s heading into the unknown to fix his mistake. But why do the locals think they recognise him? And why can’t he seem to leave?

Reader advisory: This work of fiction contains explicit sexual activities between men that may offend some people. It also contains scenes of rape, extreme violence, tentacles, and reference to sexual abuse of children.


Having stared at those ‘lovely’ suction cups on the cover for a while, I decided that I really, truly was in need of some answers. So I googled…

Turns out tentacle porn likely got popular thanks to the Japanese (don’t act like this surprises you :p). Especially Toshio Maeda’s manga, which featured tentacle rape, got the ball rolling. According to Maeda, he started the practice “in order to get around Japan’s strict censorship laws, which forbade the depiction of a penis but did not forbid penetration by anything else”. Hey now, that makes sort of sense, doesn’t it? However, tentacle erotica goes way back. Late 18th century artist Katsushika Hokusai already attracted admirers for his ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’. It depicts a woman entwined sexually with a pair of octopuses, the smaller of which kisses her while the larger one performs cunnilingus.

If this, apparently centuries old, kink doesn’t leave you cold either, Kraken absolutely is the book for you. It has a lot to offer in terms of good writing, a creepy atmosphere and a perfect setting: an island that’s desolated, except for a couple of quirky inhabitants who seem to know more than they let on and lots and lots of nasty or delicious (depending on how you look at it) tentacle rape. This story reminded me of a X rated version of an episode of the X Files. Which means that you shouldn’t make the mistake of picking this up thinking it’s a M/M romance with a bucket of squid as a bonus. It’s mostly horror. Lovely, scary horror.

I realize that I personally am not really the intended audience for Kraken: horror is not my preferred genre and if I hadn’t suspected so already, I now know that ‘calamari porn’ makes me squirm and cry out in a horrified rather than sexual manner. It was mostly the MC, Will, though, who made it difficult for me to get invested in the story. I just think he was bland and didn’t act very realistic, more like cannon fodder in your typical horror movie. Nothing he did was in his best interest. As a result, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about what happened to him. To avoid spoilers I will only give two small examples of behavior early in the story that made me frown (when he still could only blame himself). He’s on his way to the island on the ferry when his obviously terrified companion does something drastic. I tell you, I’d be pretty shaken up and suspicious, but Will doesn’t give it much thought at all. Then, in a too stupid to live move, he runs off into the dark, soppy, unfamiliar woods of the island when he finds that his boyfriend has an unpleasant surprise in store for him. Even if you’d suffer from a temporary black out , how likely is it that this is the decision you’d make and then proceed with it?

Also, I have to admit that even if I’d been hot for tentacles, I’m not sure if I’d be turned on by a heavily sedated victim getting probed by a fucking weirdo who keeps calling him ‘my lovely’ and ‘my love’ over and over again. I think not actually. Where’s the non con fun in a character whose front doesn’t even know that his behind is alive? And the excessive usage of endearments, however possibly intended to up the creep factor, are just a mood killer for me.

I do love the strong build up to the terrifying events though. Very nicely done. And the tentacle thrusting scenes were definitely erotically charged. I swear, if liquid drooling tendrils and slimy suction cup kisses make your heart beat faster, you are in a for a treat and should consider Kraken as a fantastic addition to your collection!



20257657  Title: Kraken
Author: M. Caspian
Publisher: self pub
Pages: 178
Release Date: December 22nd 2013
Purchase Links: Smashwords

7 comments on “REVIEW: “Kraken” by M. Caspian

  1. shelley
    January 10, 2014

    I cannot even bah-lieeeve that you even went there! Tentacles kat? Really?!! Tentacles?!!!
    But you know what? I’m so glad you did! I’m just shocked that you would. I love that you include the origins of this bizarre genre (not that it encourages me to go there – hell no!) it’s just a really intriguing concept. I wonder if that Japanese man was sitting eating his squid and thought …hmmm this tastes good in my mouth, I wonder if this be good if I put it up my arse? Oooh great idea, lets write about it! Jeez … :/


    • katinka
      January 10, 2014

      Anything for our blog! ;p And I decided to read 1 or 2 tent stories a year to ‘learn to appreciate’ them.

      I was very curious about the background of this extremely popular kink. Goes to prove again that it is never smart to censor things, people will always work their way around it and the result might be even more undesirable than what was prohibited in the first place. :D When I googled the Fisherman’s Wife I even discovered that people have tattooed the entire scene on their body. Wow.


  2. Debra E
    January 10, 2014

    While the reasoning behind that first foray into tentacle penetration is interesting, this just confirms that tentacle sex books will never be for me. As much as I enjoy my dark, crazy, dub-con, non-con, even if I could ignore the tentacles, your descriptions of that scene would have creeped me out enough to skip this one. The only tentacles I want near me are those that are on a plate, deep fried and dipped in marinara sauce.


    • katinka
      January 10, 2014

      Hahaha! Believe me, I completely understand. Now that I’ve read a few adventures with milky liquids and tentacles traveling through places in the human body where they shouldn’t have any business, I’m a bit hesitant to order anything tentaclish again. Ever.


  3. Tracy
    January 10, 2014

    Fantastic review! I love the inclusion of history along with your thoughts on the story.

    I’m not adverse to the T, but I think I fall into some strange anthropomorphic category where I want the MC and T to go to coffee, learn about each other’s likes, dislikes, and crazy families, and have cozy T sexy times in the living room after watching some Top Gear marathon. The horror aspects in this one probably won’t fit, but I can see for horror/erotica fans, could be a good one to try.


  4. ilhem3606
    January 10, 2014

    It was very interesting to learn where tentacle porn comes from, thanks! I’ll pass the creepy suction cups though; I’m a sissy with horror.


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