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REVIEW: “Personal Changes” by KC Wells


The sequel to Making it Personal…

Rick Wentworth has had enough of one night stands and quickies in clubs. It takes a night of uncharacteristic hedonism to make Rick admit what he really wants – someone to love him. But for that to happen, he needs to make some changes. Rick can do that. After all, what’s the alternative? And when he meets a guy who ticks all his boxes, he can’t believe his luck. His boss Blake Davis, and Blake’s fiancé Will Parkinson, however, aren’t convinced. They want to know more about Mr. Perfect, and their instincts are keener than Rick’s. Both men want to protect him. As it turns out, they needn’t have worried. Rick has a guardian angel…

When Angelo Tarallo sees Rick for the first time, it’s a match made in Heaven, as far as he’s concerned. And when he rescues Rick from danger, it gives him the opportunity to get to know the man who has captivated him. Before long, it’s plain to both men that this could lead somewhere. But when Angelo’s traditional Sicilian family finally discover what he’s been hiding from them for so long, an ultimatum spells heartache for the lovers – and worse.

*Contains a MMM scene*


Knowing I didn’t connect with the first book in this series should have been a tip off that this wouldn’t go well. Fool me once and all that.

Personal Changes starts off immediately after the final events in Making it Personal. Rick works for a thriving publishing house in London, and he’s been unlucky in love. After a string of mindless hookups—including a three-way with two men he meets one night at his favorite dance club—leave him feeling empty, Rick vows to find himself a serious relationship.

Guys, that three-way I mentioned? It happens at seven percent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m no prude. But lordy, give a gal a chance to get to know you first before heading off to your DP, m’kay?!?

And then there’s Julian. Julian is the in-between guy, before the other MC comes along. After one sighting at the aforementioned dance club, he’s smitten with Rick and becomes mighty possessive of Rick after two subsequent dates. Then there’s the attempted rape part, when the dashing MC Angelo (FINALLY) swoops in to save the day.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Honestly, at this point, Personal Changes was starting to feel a bit like a cliché m/f bodice-buster.

Things did actually start to improve once Angelo came onboard. And then, no. The story takes yet *another* unbelievable nosedive when Angelo’s brother just happens to be out and about and clubbing on the same street as Angelo. Can you guess what happens next? If you predicted rage from Angelo’s family at the revelation that Angelo is, gasp, GAY, shoot me your mailing address: I’m sending you a tiny gold star.

And THEN Angelo’s dad demands a family meeting (Angelo’s a 30-year-old man, what?) where he threatens to disown Angelo if he doesn’t agree to daddy dearest’s demands. I won’t spoil the demands, except to say: ridiculous demands are ridiculous. And also, no self-respecting human of Angelo’s age is going to agree to such nonsense.

A break up ensues and more, lots more, silly stuff happens–including a reappearance of Julian and some family violence–that had me rolling my eyes all the way to the end.

In the spirit of wanting to tie things up nicely and end peacefully, I’m happy to report that the sexy time in Personal Changes is indeed sexy, and the book is a relatively quick and easy read.  There are cameos from the MCs in Making it Personal, so if you’re a fan of the first book in the series–and many are–I’m positive Personal Changes will butter your bread, too. As for me, I got dry toast.



19502727Title:  Personal Changes
Author:  KC Wells 
Publisher:  Island Tales Press
Pages:  164
Release Date:  December 23, 2013
Purchase Links:  Amazon, ARe

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