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PRE RELEASE REVIEW: “No Such Thing” by A.M. Arthur


Twenty-two-year-old Alessandro Silva knows that returning to tiny Perch Creek to help his foster mother was the right thing to do. With no degree and a delinquent’s reputation, he’s lucky to have landed a job waiting tables. But not everyone is happy he’s back, and the only thing keeping his move home from being a total bust is his boss’s hot brother.

Jaime Winters spent most of his life watching the world go by, first from a series of hospitals and then from behind big stacks of textbooks. Studying is easier than facing the fact that years of heart failure means he’s still a virgin at twenty-three. Until the new waiter in his sister’s diner awakens desires he’d long ago given up on.

The last thing Alessandro wants is to fall for someone as fragile as Jaime. And Jaime may have a new heart, but he’s scared of what giving it to another person would mean. Their no-strings-attached, instructional approach to sex keeps emotion safely at bay, until a secret from Alessandro’s past forces them to confront their feelings in the present…


I am thinking that I am probably the wrong target reader for this. The thing is, I have been reading MM for > 5 years and in that time I’ve read so many contemporary MMs. Because of that, I feel like what this story offers is nothing new.

I can’t get myself excited with the idea of a young man teaching ‘another young gay virgin’ about the joy of gay sex. I can’t get myself interested with the fact that this young man thinks that the relationship will be just temporary, that it’s all about “I am teaching him the experience and then I will let him go to discover the world himself”. It’s a nice plot, but it’s quite humdrum for me.

Throughout the book I just felt indifferent with everything: plot, characters, sex scenes – oh, there is one involving voyeurism and light foursome, part of Alé teaching Jaime of the gay club scene, if you like that sort of thing. In addition, I do wonder whether Alé and Jaime make the connection because they are the only gay kids in town. I wish I believed in them a little bit more.

There is another side plot with the high school bully, who seems to have at it for Alé for an event that happened a few years back. It is probably aimed to inject drama to this story. Unfortunately, it is also not appealing to me. Maybe I would like it better if this was a 100% contemporary OR a complete mystery. Or maybe not.

Having said that, I did like the parts where Alé and Jaime connected with other people: Alé with his foster mother and foster siblings or Jaime with his sister. In fact, there is one scene where Alé calls Eunice “Mom” and I immediately get all choked up. I’m a sucker like that. The idea of foster family is not something I read a lot in this genre – and I enjoy a dynamic where the foster family is a GOOD family, you know, not the evil

If you’ve enjoyed A.M. Arthur’s writing before, I think you could enjoy this. Even if you haven’t, maybe give it a try anyway. It is still a nice story and the two young men are likable. It just doesn’t rock my boat, that’s all, and I probably will forget about this in a week’s time.



NoSuchThingTitle: No Such Thing
Author: A.M. Arthur
Publisher: Carina Press
Word Count: 67.000
Release Date: February 17, 2014
Purchase Links: Carina Press

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