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REVIEW: “A Slice of Love” by Andrew Grey


To make a small fortune, start with a large fortune and open a bakery. That’s the advice Marcus Wilson has heard. Unfortunately, Marcus doesn’t have a large fortune—just a bakery, A Slice of Heaven, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the determination to make it successful. He needs more help than he can afford, so when he hires accountant Gregory Southland, it’s for hours in the shop as well as on the books.

Gregory takes a second job at the bakery to help pay the bills now that his health is improving. Soon he’s looking forward to spending time with Marcus, but as the business—and their relationship—grows, so do the complications: First Marcus’s stepmother involves him in a cause that could give the bakery a reputation it doesn’t need. Then Marcus and Gregory disagree over whether to involve A Slice of Heaven in a civil rights dispute. To top it off, Gregory’s ex-boyfriend makes an appearance just when he is at his most vulnerable. But the greatest complication by far is Marcus and Gregory’s struggle to learn to trust each other and themselves, especially when it comes to baking up matters of the hear


Hmmmm…I’m having a hard time coming up with a review for this book.  Have you noticed that it’s really easy to write reviews for books you LOVE and surprisingly really easy to write reviews for books you REALLY DIDN’T LIKE.  But, it’s much harder to write reviews for books that…you thought were…OK…that you’re slightly indifferent towards?

My problem is…I waited.  I didn’t write it right away.  And now, a week later, I, um, barely remember this book.  Which shouldn’t be a good thing.  But, I don’t know if it’s a bad thing either.  So, I apologize…I’ll do my best.

I’d recently read another bakery-plot book that really was so over the top sweet, even I couldn’t stomach it.  A Slice of Love actually managed to be a fairly entertaining read.  Marcus owns a bakery and needs help because business is growing.  Throw in a bunch of gay friends who introduce him to Gregory.  Gregory is…living with HIV…and turning his life around. Marcus and Gregory are 2 really kind and likable characters.  Gregory is Marcus’ second lover with HIV (consecutively) which felt odd to me.  But, I tried not to overthink it.  It was clear there was a relationship growing here…borderline instalove…but not offensively so.

I think there were some random bits thrown into the book to try to shake things up a bit…kinda of your plug and play angst…but Grey never really susses these out and I have no idea why some of it was included.  There’s some dude named Thom that I think was there to add tension in Marcus’ and Gregory’s relationship.  And there was a kitchen-sink scene in the bakery towards the end of the book that had literally everyone and their mother show up in a single day.  By this point, I think my eyes were rolling…but I can barely remember.

I think the book was fine and decently entertaining for that moment.  But, clearly for me, not entirely memorable. If you like baked goods (no really…Grey made everything sound SO YUMMY) and some easy reading, you might enjoy this.



16096613Title: A Slice of Love (Of Love #4)
Author:  Andrew Grey
Publisher:  Dreamspinner
Pages:  200 
Release Date:  November 9, 2012
Purchase Links:  Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

One comment on “REVIEW: “A Slice of Love” by Andrew Grey

  1. Ami
    February 16, 2014

    >> But, it’s much harder to write reviews for books that…you thought were…OK…that you’re slightly indifferent towards <<

    Oh, yes, I feel you!! I have the exact problem with stories that I just found as so-so. But hey, looked, a week later, and you can still write something! *lol*


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