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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “If It Drives” by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov


If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

After driving James Harcourt, his wealthy banker boss, around for a year and a half, Cal isn’t surprised by much anymore. Not even James’s regular trips to Market Garden, London’s most elite gay brothel.

But when James leaves the Garden alone one night and turns to Cal instead, Cal’s floored. After crushing on his boss for ages, it’s his wet dream come true . . . until the awkward morning after. Cal still has a job to do, but he wants to offer more. Yet James doesn’t take him up on it; he keeps Cal at arm’s length and continues his chauffeured jaunts to Market Garden.

As Cal learns what James needs from the rentboys, he tries to fill that need himself. But there’s more to James’s penchant for rentboys than Cal realizes, and it may be one role that Cal can’t fill without overstepping his duty.



If I got nothing else out of If It Drives, I got a name…helllllooo James (*happy dance*). But as it turns out, I did get a lot out of the story, including one very sexy limo driver–and budding alpha–named Cal.

It was so great to finally learn all the things that make James tick. I found out about his past, his needs/wants/desires, and I found out that even though he’s Mister Big Time Powerful Businessman(™), he’s a bit…needy in the bedroom. I suspected. Hey, let’s face it: we all did. And I’ve always liked James, but that vulnerability? Made me love him even more.

Callum is a constant in James’ life. He’s been James’ driver for nearly two years, and we learn they’ve been secretly attracted to one another for some time, so it was great to see them step up to the plate and get down to, um, business. Oh yes. I loooove business.

But that’s also when things started to get a wee bit frustrating for me. I wanted James and Cal to sit down and TALK. These guys were sorely in need of some communication classes, ‘cause they just never seemed to be on the same page. James especially annoyed me with his waffling and his on-off approach with Cal. For his part, Cal deserved to be knighted or sainted or…something for putting up with James’ shenanigans.

Despite that, I still really, really enjoyed this MG story, and, as per usual, I can’t wait for more. Yep. Voinov and Witt nailed it again, and dammit, I hope the Market Garden series lasts for, like, the rest of my life. These two writers are simply magical with the, um,  bedfellows.


I’ll start by saying that the moment I realised this latest Market Garden book had landed in my inbox, I was mentally shaking my maracas.  Yahoo!  By book 7 in the Market Garden series, we’re reasonably sure that we’re going to get a story with a fair amount of kink, some emotional investment, intriguing characters and a feeling of contentment by the end.  Match that with sexy, sexy Driver kink where said Driver wants to “top the fuck out of James” his employer?  Well, you can’t go wrong, right?  Right.

What I loved:

Driver kink, yummy.  ‘Nuff said.

The Power: There’s great joy in reading about how people play with power.  Giving it, receiving it, and ultimately trusting in the power that’s shared.  Here, Witt and Voinov describe the intricacies of desire and trust wonderfully.

What I didn’t love:

The drama: There seemed to be a fair bit of drama in the initial introduction to James’ situation and aside from a situation that seemed completely implausible, the plot was fairly “Night In Shining Bondage Gear” meets “Desperate To Bottom Businessman”, which, is quite hot, but perhaps the way in which Cal orchestrates the wooing was a little… NQR (Not Quite Right).

The ending:  It just wasn’t quite right for me… but that’s just me. It will suit many people perfectly, but I would have been happier with something a little different.

What would I have preferred?  Just more.

RATING:  4 STARS (Jenni) / 3.5 STARS (Sue)


19604427Title:  If It Drives (Market Garden, #7)
Author:  L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Pages:  222
Release Date: March 31st, 2014
Purchase Links: Riptide Publishing.

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