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CHARACTERS INTERVIEW: The Lead Characters of “Remnant” by Jordan L Hawk & KJ Charles

With the short story “Remnant” by Jordan L. Hawk & KJ Charles releasing TODAY, we invited Percival Whyborne, Griffin Flaherty, Robert Caldwell, and Simon Feximal to stop by for a chat…this is gonna be FUN!

BioB:  Welcome to Boys in our Books Misters Caldwell, Feximal, Flaherty and Doctor Whyborne.  Sorry it’s a little tight in here…not used to having so many people!  SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU!

Whyborne (whispering): Why did I agree to this again?
Griffin: Because I asked you to. Now thank them for having us.
Whyborne: Oh! Yes, I’m terribly sorry.  Thank you very much.
Robert: We’re delighted to meet you.

BioB:  So, I have to admit, this is a genius pairing.  Do you guys think that if circumstances as they were hadn’t brought you all together, you might’ve been friends otherwise? 

Whyborne: No.
Simon: No.
Griffin: Certainly! Robert is quite a charming fellow, not to mention I’ve been reading his Casebook of Simon Feximal stories for years. I hadn’t the slightest idea the cases he related were real, of course.
Robert: I do hope so. I think like calls to like, don’t you, Griffin?
Griffin: Precisely.

BioB:  Well, we’re beyond thrilled that you all met!

Dr. Whyborne, Mr. Flaherty, how did you find your travels abroad?   Other than the crazy mystery you found yourselves involved in, did you enjoy your stay in England?

Whyborne: England is a terrible place filled with terrible people.
Griffin: I rather liked it.

BioB:  And Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Feximal, do you think you two might want to make a trip to America, maybe to Widdershins?

Whyborne: No, they absolutely would not.
Griffin: Allow the gentlemen to answer for themselves, my dear.
Simon: Dr. Whyborne is quite correct.
Robert: I should be fascinated to visit the New World. I understand that it is a most remarkable nation, and I should like to be more closely acquainted with the frontier spirit and the thrusting American drive of which I have heard so much.
Simon: [inaudible]
Griffin: [Trying (and failing) to cover a snicker with a cough.]

BioB:  The 4 of you have seen some very unbelievable things with your own eyes.  Do you feel the need to hide the existence of the paranormal with the rest of the world?  Or are you more the types to want to expose and educate others about it?  Would people even believe you?

Griffin: I tried to share my experiences in Chicago with the world, and found myself consigned to a madhouse for my trouble. I have found the folk of Widdershins to be more likely to openly believe in such things, as with the Lester case. But I wouldn’t make the attempt anywhere else. I learned my lesson, as it were.
Simon: That was a very great wrong. While we in England do not speak widely of our profession—except Robert, of course—it is known to the police, who seek our assistance, and I have worked for the British government. I hope that those who need help need not look too far to find it. As should have been the case for Mr. Flaherty.
Griffin: That’s very kind of you, Mr. Feximal. I wish more shared in your attitude.
Robert: People come to us, know where to turn, because of my Casebooks. They read as fiction until they are compelled to read as fact.
Whyborne: So-called “magic” operates according to certain principles just as everything else in the physical world does. I have hopes of someday compiling enough evidence and experience to publish a paper. Perhaps even found a new branch of science! But I fear it will take a great deal of work and study first. I would hate to lose my position at the Ladysmith because the scientific community dismissed me as a crackpot.

BioB: Well, in all situations, please please try and be safe!

Now, I can imagine it’s not easy being attracted to another man in this time and age.  Can you tell us how a club like the Gilded Lily (as mentioned in “Remnant”) came to be and can exist as it does?

Griffin: I’ve frequented a number of such establishments in America, and can only say that people will find a way to connect with one another in whatever fashion they may contrive. Some are more secretive than others, of course, locations passed along in bathhouses and public urinals. Aside from secrecy, bribery to the police never hurts. But in truth the risk of a raid is always there.
Robert: The law of the land can punish certain types of behaviour, but I have yet to see it prevent them, and that means people will turn a profit from them. London is the most sizeable city in the world, and offers entertainments of every kind. With discretion, and luck, and of course money, it is generally possible to maintain a civilized existence. And these are wild times we live in. The city grows daily, the end of the century approaches, and the police have other concerns. I do not underestimate the risk, but London is, let us say, a city for all sorts and conditions of men. And ladies.

BioB:  Well, London is one of my personal favorites spots in all the world.

Ok…on to some personal stuff.  :)

Of the 4 of you, who is: The nicest?  The smartest? The most clever?  The most handsome?  The most dangerous?  The funniest?  :)

Whyborne: Considering Mr. Feximal tried to strangle me for no reason whatsoever—
Simon: It was a misunderstanding.
Whyborne: —I shall label him the most dangerous. Griffin of course is the most handsome and kindest. [BioB:  gawwww!]  Mr. Caldwell seems a good sort, and has displayed some humor, however misplaced.
Griffin: Someone is trying to get Robert and I into trouble. So I suggest that everyone in our group has a certain measure of the above characteristics, and dividing my friends according to them would be cruel and artificial.
Robert: Dr Whyborne is evidently a scholar of remarkable capacity. I imagine the world would agree Griffin to be the most personable of the four of us. Simon is without doubt the most formidable man of my acquaintance.
Simon: And Robert the most talkative.

BioB:  And what do each of you love most about your partner?  (Don’t be a grouch Simon!)  Heeeee…

Whyborne (blushing): Oh! Er, well. Griffin is very handsome of course, but it was his kindness which won me over.
Griffin: Whyborne is the bravest man I’ve ever met.
Whyborne (blushing harder): No, I’m not, really. I’m terrified of everything.
Griffin: But you face it head on. And I know that, no matter what, you’ll always be there for me.

BioB: *chin in hand* *big smile* *sigh* I could listen to you two go on ALL day.  Adore!  :)  

And how about you, Misters Caldwell and Feximal?

Simon: That is a private matter, and I do not propose to discuss it.
Robert: For my part, I was smitten at once by Simon’s friendly ways and easy charm.
Simon: Very well, if you will have it: Robert takes a joy in life that I cannot, do not feel myself, but which I can share, in some way, with him. He is…vital. In himself. To me.
Robert: …
Simon: Silenced, Robert?
Robert: Temporarily.

BioB: *face-splitting grin*

And to all of you, would you all like to work together again some time? 

Robert: Well, I enjoyed it.
Griffin: Although I can’t say I wish anyone to be harmed to bring us together, as happened this time, I wouldn’t hesitate to work together again.
Whyborne: Are you completely mad? I haven’t the slightest desire to associate with a hypocritical, foul-tempered person like Simon Feximal, who takes every chance to slander me with no provocation—
Simon: Your wilful ignorance will be your ruin, Doctor. I have seen this before, this chasing after knowledge. I have seen how it ends.
Whyborne: Sorcery is a tool like any other, neither good nor evil in and of itself. As you surely must know, considering your own use of rituals. Among other things.
Robert: Would anyone else like a drink?
Griffin: God, yes.

BioB: *pours the brandy*

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us.  We love you all very much!  And thanks to Jordan and KJ for the collaboration! 

REMNANT is available as of TODAY, March 11, 2014 at Smashwords


8 comments on “CHARACTERS INTERVIEW: The Lead Characters of “Remnant” by Jordan L Hawk & KJ Charles

  1. Sara Ball
    March 11, 2014

    Oh, boys! *sigh*


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  3. Allison
    March 11, 2014

    This is outstanding. Possibly my favorite character interview ever. I can’t stop grinning but sighing at the same time. Absolute love for these gentlemen. <3


    • Jordan L. Hawk
      March 11, 2014

      Thank you, Allison! We (obviously) had fun answering the questions. :D


  4. lenagrey
    March 11, 2014

    Oh Jordan and KJ! This is going to be soooo much fun. Thanks for joining these interesting fellows together.


  5. Rein
    March 11, 2014

    Oh, this was great, and so true to the story (which I loved btw). :)


  6. Becky Black
    March 11, 2014

    Now I’m even more keen to read it. :D


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