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REVIEW: “Remnant” by Jordan L. Hawk & KJ Charles


London, 1899. The beautiful people are dying…

A malevolent power is attacking London’s bright young things, and the only clue to what’s happening is written in ancient Egyptian script. As ghost-hunter Simon Feximal and his companion Robert Caldwell investigate the mysterious deaths, the arrival in London of a notorious scholar-sorcerer seems to hold the answer to more than one of their problems.

A quiet break in London while en route to Egypt turns dramatic for Dr Percival Endicott Whyborne and his lover Griffin Flaherty when they encounter the hostile ghost-hunter. Feximal clearly suspects the worst of Whyborne – and his flirtatious sidekick seems to think a great deal too well of Griffin…

Jordan L Hawk’s heroes Whyborne and Griffin meet KJ Charles’ occult detectives from the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal in a mystery that takes all four lovers through the decadent underworld of Victorian London in pursuit of an ancient and deadly evil.


Both series have been favorites of mine — although I still wish for a Simon Feximal NOVEL — so imagine my excitement (that had gone through the roof, thank you very much!) when I heard that the two authors were collaborating, and the four characters would meet.


In this one, the event happened 5 years after Butterflies and 4 months after Stormhaven. Whyborne and Griffin were heading to Egypt but must stopover in London. While Simon and Robert were dealing with gruesome murders involving beautiful people. The story itself was taken from two perspectives: Robert’s and Whyborne’s.

I thought it was smartly written. You could feel the difference between Robert’s narration and the way he saw things with how Whyborne narrates things and how he felt. It was FUNNY that Robert and Griffin hit it off immediately, while Simon and Whyborne did not. Simon was grumpy while Whyborne was blushing a lot and not very much wanting to socialize with these two. I thought Robert and Griffin were having too much fun on the expense of their respective partners — a fact which I enjoyed immensely.

I did wish that the mystery was expanded. Gruesome murders related to paranormal things are ones that I like to read. Darn this for being only 15k words (although it was free, so I shouldn’t complain much, huh?)

A side note, since this story happened five years after Butterflies, there are some things that are ‘new’ to the relationship of Simon and Robert — and how they use Simon’s power. Which is interesting, and I hope it means we get a more explained or thorough story that leads to this (yes, I’m hinting that I want a novel, darn it)

All in all, if you love both authors and both series, this is NOT to be missed



Susan – 4 stars


remnantmockcover4v4Title:  Remnant
Author:  Jordan L. Hawk & KJ Charles
Publisher:  Self-pub
Pages:  51 pages
Release Date:  March 11, 2014
Purchase Links:  Smashwords, ARe

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Remnant” by Jordan L. Hawk & KJ Charles

  1. TracyTG
    March 16, 2014

    Great review, Ami! I’m with you about wanting that Feximal novel.


  2. syleegurl
    March 19, 2014

    How FUN was this, right?! You can just tell the authors were having a hoot while writing together too! Loved it! :)


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