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REVIEW: “Paris Connection” by JP Bowie


A young American falls in love with Paris, and a stunning Frenchman, but murder and mayhem, let alone distance, might ruin his chance of lasting happiness.

After seeing the movie Midnight in Paris, Jay Harrison becomes obsessed with the idea of a vacation in the City of Light. Jay has always been a bit of a dreamer and while he doesn’t think he will actually have the same bizarre experiences the main character in the movie had, he is certain that Paris holds something very special for him.

Jay is a shy man and a bit of a lightweight in the sexual experience arena, so he’s nervously surprised when Anton Delcour, a handsome Frenchman, introduces himself at the Café Les Deux Magots on his first day in Paris. He’s even more surprised by his own eagerness to know more about Anton—a lot more. When Anton offers to give him a personal tour of Notre Dame Cathedral, he jumps at the chance to perhaps get better acquainted with Anton.

The two men bond quickly through their mutual attraction, and Jay’s visit to Paris takes on a new dimension when he’s in Anton’s company. But when a case of blackmail and murder threatens to get in the way of his budding summer romance, Jay begins to think that the movie he loved might just pale in comparison to what is actually going on around him


We’ve all read a book or seen a film and thought, ‘YES, I need! I want!’ Perhaps it’s something big such as a vacation or car, maybe it’s something small like a haircut or a piece of pie; but regardless your inner child screams, ‘me me me’. 

Here we have Jay, a professional dreamer and part-time writer. After dreamily watching a movie he has his heart set on a trip to Paris. He secretly hopes his vacation will involve a steamy love affair, but is acutely aware of his mild reserved nature. Walking with his head in the clouds has limited his physical experiences and he’s determined to set his feet back on the ground and actually ‘live’ his dreams. His spontaneous plane ticket purchase marks his first exhilarating step in the right direction. 

Day one in the city of love does not disappoint. A bold sexy Frenchman leaves him in a puddle of bewilderment with his smoldering stare, sexy accent, and daring advances. Anton is so much more than his fantasies could ever create and Jay amazes himself with his new found confidence. A week between the sheets in the most romantic city in the world with an amazing lover and well, all of Jay’s wishes have come true. 

Chasing your dreams seems like a good idea at the time, but what do you do when you catch them? How do you walk away and leave your deep dark fantasy behind? Jay anticipated devastation when he failed at fulfilling his wishes, but not the pain of when they actually come true. 

The writing was nice, the characters were endearing, the unexpected investigation an added bonus. Ohh, and the sex was pretty hot too. So what’s my problem then? I suppose I never felt snared, I wasn’t caught. I enjoyed watching their affair burn, but I wasn’t truly vested in the outcome. It’s sweet, it’s sexy, and the french is romantic…it might hit all your buttons, (I hope it does) but I can’t say it did for me.



PC coverTitle:  Paris Connection
Author: JP Bowie
Publisher:  Totally Bound
Pages:  38k words
Release Date:  March 14, 2014
Purchase Links:  Totally Bound

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