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REVIEW: “Powerless” by SA McAuley


He was built to be invincible.

Merq and Armise return to the States after their mission to assassinate the remaining Committee members only to find the leadership of the Revolution isn’t as stable as they thought.

Outside forces come crashing down on a Revolution stronghold, leaving two of their soldiers gravely wounded. Merq’s history with his brothers-in-arms Simion and Neveed forces him into making decisions that will impact his future with the Revolution.

Merq has always identified as a soldier first. Always known who deserved his loyalty and who didn’t. But with the uncertainty surrounding the leadership of the Revolution, the mysterious disappearance of the jacquerie and increased activity with the PsychHAgs, Merq knows there are few people he can trust.

The only man Merq wants or needs at his side is Armise Darcan. But his reliance on his former enemy may be a miscalculation that threatens everything Merq stands for.


I have been SUCH a big fan of The Borders War series, and I wish that more of you were reading it.  Yes, the world-building is a little confusing and the layers and layers of political intrigue are enough to make even the most secure person paranoid.  But, I could overlook every single thing that might lack about these books for this:  Merq & Armise.  The testosterone in these 2 alphas and the commitment to one another is…transformative for the characters…and addictive for the reader. That’s it…this series is ADDICTIVE!

With an intriguing start in book 1, and then a captivating/yup-ya-got-a-hold-of-me-now turn in book 2…I was anxious to see where book 3 would lead.  What I did not anticipate was the emotion…that was a new twist for me.  We feel Merq go through confusion, betrayal, pain, loss…and ultimately, become a different man, a different kind of soldier on the other side.

I doubted the author during some of this book.  I was worried she was taking the series in a direction she couldn’t…control.  But, she brought it back and reeled it in to a place where it made sense again.  I loved the side characters, introduced in other books, but explored further in this one (especially Naveed and Simion). And even more so than ever…I NEED to know what the fuck is going on!

Book 3 feels different than the first 2.  More…story…a little bulkier.  Not enough Armise & Merq time, if you ask me.  And if McAuley doesn’t start answering some of the plot questions she’s circling around, I can see myself giving up…a reader can only be pulled along so far.

BUT…the thing is…I trust this author.  I’m a fan of her work and I think she has this story in her head that’s going to work…and it’s gonna feel like a reward at the end.  So, I’m sticking with it.  Plus…Merq & Armise.  Duh.




19020083Title:  Powerless (The Borders War #3)
Author:  SA McAuley
Publisher:  Totally Bound
Pages:  185
Release Date:  March 28, 2014
Purchase Links:  Totally Bound

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