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REVIEW: “1/27” by Santino & Ais


January 27, 2027

One day around the world.

Weeks after the last page of the In the Company of Shadows series, seven stories show glimpses of the lives of fifteen characters, scattered across the globe. In Ireland, an unexpected reunion takes a terrible turn. In Australia, the tides are changing while those involved never stop watching. In Mexico, fear brings uncertainty into a once strong relationship. And in the United States, worlds are about to collide.

1/27 answers the important question: What happens next?


You know what Santino & Ais do really really well?  I mean, they are kickass writers for sure.  But they PLAN stories out so well.  Their capacity to see all these interwoven storylines that make this crazy map of a picture for a book is so freaking impressive.  It wow’d me all throughout ICoS until the very last word. And it floored me yet again with “1/27”.

You see, I expected this anthology to be sort of like…an epilogue?…that just kinda cleaned up some questions we had at the end of fade.  What I did NOT expect was for it to actually open up an entire can of worms and 1000’s more questions about these characters!  And therein lies the brilliance.  They’ve got more planned out, right?  THEY MUST!

“1/27” is a series of bits about many of the ICoS characters and what each of them was doing, on the same day, after they escaped the Agency at the end of Fade.  It is a bunch of brilliant and delicious nuggets into the lives of our favorite characters.  But even moreso, it brings to the forefront some of the lesser-known characters and made them…shine.  Yes, I wanted to read about Hsin & Boyd, Zach & Emilio, even Ryan and Kassian.  But I was so pleasantly surprised to find out more about Bree & Viv, Jeffrey & Owen, Archer/Harriet/Doug, and Bex.  And every story was outstanding.  I’m actually hard-pressed to pick a favorite of the bunch.


Bree & Vivienne’s story:  most likely to make me change my mind about a character

Emilio & Zach’s story: HOTTEST F’ING THING EVER (I read it 3 times before moving on)

Owen & Jeffrey’s story: fun turnaround and interesting developments

Hsin & Boyd’s story: forever my favorite characters of the series so every word was a treat

Harriet/Archer/Doug’s story: surprisingly sexy and a fun tale among previously under-explored characters

Kassian & Ryan’s story: completely unexpected and I MUST. HAVE. MORE.

Bex’s story: scares the shit out of me.


My jaw was ON THE GROUND with each chapter…so many surprises and dun, dun, duuuun moments…I couldn’t wrap my head around them all.

This is SUCH a must-read for ICoS fans.  And it’s a bridge…a bridge to what?  Well…read the author’s notes at the end and you’ll see!

So fun, so sexy, so satisfying…but would have LOVED a Luke Gerant story (!!!) and a little bit of Hsin & Boyd smexy…just sayin’… :)



20927491Title: 1/27 and ICoS Anthology
Author:  Santino & Ais
Publisher:  freefic
Pages:  100
Release Date:  March 28, 2014
Download Links:  http://www.inthecompanyofshadows.com/

3 comments on “REVIEW: “1/27” by Santino & Ais

  1. LegeArtis
    March 29, 2014

    I want E to have weekly night show or something…
    My fav story definitely…. <3

    Great review, Susan!


  2. Ana
    March 30, 2014

    Great review, Susan! I just finished and it really surprised me is that one of the stories that i most enjoyed has been Harriet/Archer/Doug’s one, and Ryan and Kassian, well Ryan has been always my soft spot. ;)


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