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REVIEW: “Clockwork Horizon” by Therese Woodson


As a major airship port, Aerial City welcomes visitors from all over the world. Despite being surrounded by new inventions and colorful people, Malachi Covington partakes of little outside his books and studies. He aches for adventure and excitement but labors under the rules and expectations of his wealthy uncle.

Five airships arrive in port, keeping his uncle busy and, as Malachi’s best friend Millie reminds him, they’re carrying parties full of crew members. Excitement finds him in the form of Ian, a charming airship pilot who invites him to tour his ship, the Mockingbird. With Ian at his side, Malachi discovers a world beyond his books and takes daring steps to become his own man.


I was smitten with the previous two stories by Therese Woodson. So when I saw this being listed at Dreamspinner Press, I knew I would have to read it. Especially because it had steampunk elements and it matched with the theme of my personal reading challenge this April.

And I LOVED it.

Malachi or “Mac” to his friend starting off as a shy young man who kept things to himself. He studied a lot, trying to be the best student, best accountant based on his uncle’s expectations. Mac only had one friend (well, two, if you count his clockwork pet). BUT, he did read dime novels (about pirates and airships!) and he dreamed of adventure. Then he met Ian. Who worked at airship. And it made Mac throw caution to the wind and reach for something more…

Yes, the story was on the short side (it was only 16k) but it was able to put a HUGE smile on my face and made me happy. For me, that mattered. A LOT.

Mac was adorable. I loved him so much. Sure, I might not know a lot about Ian (his love interest) but it didn’t matter. Because it always warms my heart whenever I read a character’s journey – and Mac definitely experienced that. A journey to do something he loved and stepping out of his ‘safe’ world.

I thought the ‘steampunk’ world was sufficient enough for someone like myself who 1) didn’t really have huge knowledge about steampunk fiction or 2) didn’t really want the technicality of steampunk world to drag down the story.

With this short, safe to say, I think Therese Woodson has officially entered my list of “watch-out-for-her-works” authors. Looking forward to more stories from her.



21423378Title: Clockwork Horizon
Author: Therese Woodson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 70
Release Date: April 2, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press, ARe, Amazon

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One comment on “REVIEW: “Clockwork Horizon” by Therese Woodson

  1. TracyTG
    April 6, 2014

    Great review, Ami! Even though this one is on the short side for my tastes, I’ll check it out. It sounds like a fun read.


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