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REVIEW: “Half Pass” by Astrid Amara


He looks good on a horse, but it s hard to love a man with a big ego and a small alibi.

Paul King s inheritance is named Serenity Stables, but for him it s far from serene. He has one plan for the crumbling facility: unload it as fast as possible. But two months on the market, and he s still mucking stalls and dreaming of his old life back in San Francisco.

It doesn t help that he seems to have misplaced a horse. Not just any horse Tux, a million-dollar Warmblood who, despite lacking opposable thumbs, has an Olympic medal to its name. So does its Brazilian trainer, Estevan Souza, a man whose darkly sexual, smoldering glances almost make Paul forget his horse phobia.

Intriguing as Paul finds Estevan, distractions are piling up. The boarders are picky. The arena roof is leaking. His drunken cousin is wreaking havoc. Tux s owners are threatening to sue. On top of that, a bucket of blood points to possible murder.

Suddenly, Estevan s glances are looking more suspicious than sinful. And, if Paul can t come up with a plan to save Tux, he could lose not only his chance with Estevan, but his life.Warning: Includes beautiful horses, men in tight breeches, murderers, horse thieves, Olympic champions, cowboy hats, anal sex, broken dreams, and the conquering of traumatic childhood fears.


I’m not certain where this comes from, but I’m a sucker for the fluffy cowboy romance. I love ’em. I love cowboys. I love horses as side characters. I love guys in jeans, tight button downs, boots, and hats. I love barns and stalls and muck and hay (<-…well…in the books, I do).  It’s kinda my thang…

So, it’s obvious that I’d like Half Pass.  And I did!

Paul King makes a very sympathetic MC – his ex cheated, he got released from his cushy job and life in San Francisco, his aunt died leaving him her stables, and oh yeah, because of an accident in his past, he hates horses. This, and his small hometown is grossly homophobic.  Paul’s life and loneliness broke my heart.  I wanted to do anything to be able to help him. I pictured myself volunteering to work at the ranch and be his friend. (ummm…please don’t judge my craziness…)

The great thing, and what Paul only comes to realize, is that he has lots of people around him who care…who want to help…who want to be in his life.

One of these people is Estevan. Estevan is a award-winning trainer who has all the women swooning over this Latin Lover. Problem is…he only has eyes for Paul (problem for Paul is, he’s in the closet).

There’s nothing entirely new or original in any of the bits of this book.  But, that’s ok because as I’ve made mention, all those bits work for me. I really enjoyed the employee-to-friends-to-lovers story between Paul and Estevan.  I liked the side characters.  I loved the horses. :)  And I really was feeling the MYSTERY element: an invaluable horse was stolen, someone’s trying to kill Paul (oh, did I forget to mention that?), and everyone’s wondering whodunnit, when all fingers can be pointed to any number of people!  It sounds a bit over-the-top (ok, maybe just a little)…but as I said, I really enjoyed it.

Entertaining. Great book for those who like the cowboy category.  Also, my first Astrid Amara book and I’m looking forward to reading some more!



Tracy: 4 stars


9674567Title:  Half Pass
Author:  Astrid Amara
Publisher:  Samhain
Pages: 200
Release Date:  January 18, 2011
Purchase Links:  Samhain, Amazon, ARe

3 comments on “REVIEW: “Half Pass” by Astrid Amara

  1. shelley
    April 14, 2014

    Filing this one away for when the Cowboy need overcomes me too :)


  2. Ami
    April 15, 2014

    Huh, a contemporary Astrid Amara that I have NOT read yet?! How is it possible?! Okay, thanks for “reminding” me about this.


  3. Kaje Harper
    April 17, 2014

    I liked having a mystery that didn’t involve a dead body, and a horse story that isn’t cowboys but dressage and training.


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