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REVIEW: “Witness” by LA Gilbert


Ben Jenkins is a down-to-earth cop leading a quiet life in a big, empty house. Visits to the gay bars scratch an itch, but they don’t really satisfy, and though he’s used to the quiet, he recognizes that the empty feeling plaguing him of late is loneliness. It takes a police cruiser and a ten-speed to bring him together with Reece Withers, a bike messenger and photographer who’s still waiting for his big break to arrive. Ben’s pretty sure what he’s feeling is love, but they both have old hurts that need to heal before they can live and live well… together.


Ummm…I think I missed something here.  I see a lot of my trusted friends and reviewers giving this a pretty high rating.  And I’m a fan of LA Gilbert’s other works.  But this one just did NOT do it for me.  I mean, annoyingly so.

It was…erm…boring.  *ducks*

The story went…uh…nowhere. *hides*

I was completely…ahem…disinterested. *begs for forgiveness*

Ben, a lonely 30-something cop, has a chance meeting w/ Reece, an almost 30 photographer/bicycle messenger.  Neither has the ideal life and both are struggling with complacency as they go through the routines of their daily lives.  And here in lies the first problem…the routine.  *zzzzzzz*  I was having a really hard time getting through the beginning of the book because, well, nothing really happened.  And I kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the two of them to meet.  And then I kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the two of them to go out.  And then I kept waiting…(you get the idea).

And then when they finally do start getting into each other and flirting, it was so awkward.  I get so…urgh…embarrassed almost, when authors try REALLY hard to have witty banter and write long flirtatious dialogue on page.  I had this same issue with Take My Picture and the attempts at jabs and “witty” conversations.  It feels like sitting in a restaurant next to a couple on a first date and you see and hear them going WAY overboard to impress and it’s just…uncomfortable.  I had this same feeling reading Ben & Reece try and get to know each other.

Then, what ultimately was the nail in the coffin…as they grew in their relationship, Reece turned into this whiny, needy, annoying shell of himself and I wanted to just tell him to GROW UP and DEAL. (<-me. Irritated.)  For Ben to stay with him took a monumental miracle, in my mind, and the balance of power totally shifted till it felt so one-sided…and really one as the care-taker and the other as the receiver.  The author mentions this a bit and attempts to deal with this, but unconvincingly in my mind.

In any case, there were definitely a lot of sweet parts, some hot parts, few funny parts…but I just was not entertained.

SORRY!!!! :(



Jenni – 2 stars

Ami – 3.5 stars


8066786Title:  Witness
Author:  LA Gilbert
Publisher:  Dreamspinner
Pages: 224
Release Date:  April 30, 2010
Purchase Links:  Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Witness” by LA Gilbert

  1. Idamus
    April 21, 2014

    I’m somewhere in the middle, I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it, I gave it 3.5 stars
    ( As far as I recall, I didn’t leave a review line to spark my memory later :p )


  2. jenhuff03
    April 21, 2014

    *fist bump*
    We are SO on the same page, yep.


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