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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “A Threefold Cord” by Julie Bozza


Grae Edwards and his co–stars Chris Willoughby and Ben Clyde work together well. Maybe they even have a chemistry. Certainly they are friends and Grae is tempted to ask for more … After the beautiful tart Chris has the temerity to turn him down, Grae settles into a comfortable loving relationship with the more chivalrous Ben. But the idea of Chris never quite goes away – and when Chris finally suggests the three of them spend a night together, Grae glimpses a solution he hardly dares hope for.


Just when I thought I knew myself: my likes, dislikes, things I will and won’t tolerate in a book. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Julie Bozza walks in with her book about a polyamorous love affair among three actors.

I don’t even like books with actors as MCs. I have an extremely hard time accepting the dynamics of a three-way relationship (let alone a successful one). But it’s Julie Bozza! And it’s new! How could I not even try?

A Threefold Cord is told from Grae’s POV. Grae, Ben and Chris have worked together on a project, and as it’s closing down, Grae approaches Chris—who’s known for his equal-opportunity promiscuity—about a fling. Grae is shocked and wounded to be turned down by Chris, but he’s even more shocked when straight-guy Ben approaches him for a one-off romp after overhearing the rejection.

So Grae and Ben begin this really sweet, uncomplicated relationship, but it’s clear Grae is a restless soul and this introduced some tension for me. I loved Ben! He’s caring, attentive, giving, loving…selfless. Just all the things a guy could ever ask for in a partner. Would Grae break Ben’s heart? I’ll tell ya, I was waiting in the margins ready to pounce if so. Nobody hurts my precious Ben, got it?! (I had my fists up, I promise).

And that, friends, is the beauty of Bozza. There’s a formula (a Kool-Aid, if you will) to her writing, and I’ll drink it every single time: Conflicted MC + Tender-loving MC = Potential Heartbreak.

Oh, but look. Here comes Chris, and he’s holding…a proposition. And what a sexy, steamy, delicious three-way proposition it is. Go, you, Chris.

Does it work? Will there be jealousy? These are actors. What happens when one leaves town and the other two are left alone together? Will they stop loving/wanting the third? All those questions are why polyamory is a bitter, jagged pill for me to swallow. 

A Threefold Cord did drag a little toward the end, and these guys felt heaps older than the 20-somethings they were supposed to be, but those things aside, this was a great book. I can’t tell you if it works; that just wouldn’t be fair. But this is Bozza we’re talking about; her formula doesn’t leave anybody hanging.

Has Bozza changed my mind about all ménage? Heck no. But if she’s writing about it, I’m reading it…and probably liking it lots. :)



21813283Title:  A Threefold Cord
Author: Julie Bozza
Publisher: Manifold Press
Pages:  218
Release Date:  May 1, 2014
Purchase Links:  Manifold Press

6 comments on “PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “A Threefold Cord” by Julie Bozza

  1. thelastaerie
    April 30, 2014

    I feel the same way about menage (and about actors as MCs) as you! I am not interested in reading a story about it, not really “buying” the romance (at least not the kind I have in mind). But I love Julie Bozza’s works. So… I will probably give it a try. Although I will probably read other reviews with spoilers in it. If the ending is some form of 3-in-a-room arrangement, I would probably pass it.


    • jenhuff03
      April 30, 2014

      It’s comforting to find a fellow actor/menage disliker (<—new word!). I've felt a little lonely on my island. ;) You're smart to wait for more reviews. Bozza is her fabulous self with the writing, though, so you can't go wrong there!


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