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REVIEW: “Chasing the Dragon” by Ash Penn


On his birthday, Aiden has only one thing on his mind. Spending time with the only man he will ever love. The one man he can’t have.

A decade has passed since Aiden last set eyes, or hands, on Kai. Yet when Aiden tracks him down in order to keep a promise to spend their thirty-second birthday together, it’s as if only a breath of time has swept by since they were last together. The attraction they share is as intense as ever despite their years of separation, and Aiden’s decade-long marriage to a woman.

When Aiden learns that Kai’s current relationship has broken down, he’s compelled to invite Kai back to his hotel room for the night. Aiden believes if they both try hard enough, they might become true brothers again and banish the rogue feelings that originally tore them apart.

Only, Kai doesn’t agree. It’s his birthday too, and he’s got plans of his own. Plans that involve shunning a twin room in favour of a double. And Aiden has never been able to resist his desires, no matter how skewed those desires might be.

Reader Advisory: This books contains a twincest storyline and scenes of dubious consent.


I am so confused and conflicted about my emotions with this book. I am not sure how I feel…or maybe how I should be feeling. I have read taboo subjects before and have read incest before but the twin deal was new for me, I have jumped the broom with twincest.

This was told in Aiden’s POV as he goes to visit his twin brother as promised on their 32nd birthday, ten years after being apart. When we meet Aiden, I liked him. When we meet Kai, I liked him too. I really liked them and I will say that I liked them together.

It was odd knowing that these two were twin brothers because it never felt that way. It had, dare I say, a very Flowers in the Attic feel to it where you know this is wrong between them but there was something just shy of beautiful about the relationship. Yes, I know, I am far beyond twisted but honestly…I liked Kai and Aiden together.

Now for the really twisted part; I wish I would have had more of their back story when they were young. To see how the relationship began and how they hid it. I do like how this was done but I wanted to know more about them.  I did read the short from the author’s blog which introduced us to Kai and Aiden, Shades of Grey, but again, I needed more.

The story, it was interesting, complex even and yes the sex was hot, (buys a seat on the next hand basket to hell) but there was this emotion I was expecting. This emotion pretty much tore my heart out and how is that even possible? I don’t know.  There were bits I wasn’t expecting and I liked that I was thrown off with this story.

Chasing the Dragon will not be for everyone and I get that. But for me, I liked it and as my first introduction to Ash Penn, I look forward to stalking their backlist.



chasingthedragon_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Chasing the Dragon
Author: Ash Penn
Publisher:  Totally Bound
Pages: 62
Release Date:  May 2, 2014
Purchase Links:  Totally Bound    

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