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REVIEW: “Games Boys Play” by Zoe X. Rider


Brian and Dylan have been best friends for years. They have no secrets between them, except for the ones they’re keeping from each other.

When Dylan lets himself into Brian’s apartment to drop something off, it couldn’t be worse timing—for Brian. He’s tied himself up to play out a kidnapping fantasy. He’s mortified, but Dylan is intrigued. He even offers to help Brian out next time he has an urge to be tied up.

No. That’s all Brian can think. No way. But the idea of someone else being in control overwhelms his thoughts—and self-bondage is suddenly a pale substitute for the real thing. He gives Dylan permission, on a trial basis, and comes face to face with a side of Dylan he’s never seen before. A really hot side.

As their games pick up steam, so does their relationship, along with Brian’s courage to go after the things he wants. Like, Dylan.

It might be happily ever after, but there’s one secret left, and it could ruin everything


“Neither the publisher nor the author will be responsible for injury or death resulting from use of the information contained in any of its titles.”

Woop! Something about these disclaimers always makes me giddy with excitement. ;p

And I’d say that, no, you shouldn’t try the stuff that Brian does to get off at home. Though desperate times call for desperate measures; the guy loves his bondage, but not having a partner to bind and gag him leaves him no other option than to get inventive on his own. Until one fateful day his band mate Dylan walks in on him while he’s a little, ahem, tied up. As you’d expect, this results in awkwardness, blotchy redness, embarrassing chitchat and ultimately….the discovery of intersecting interests.

What follows is a pretty juicy kink-fest that doesn’t lose steam until the unfortunate ending. I think it’s the journey that matters most here though. And isn’t the road full of the kind of imaginative adventures that make you feel deliciously dirty! Usually, I prefer ‘reality’ over role playing games in my books, but despite Games Boys Play revolving around the latter, I was thoroughly entertained and couldn’t stop reading. Kudos to the author for coming up with such a fun-packed ride.

Better even, the lack of – what at times feels like  – tacked on romance, provides this book with a sense of freshness that I can appreciate. That doesn’t mean that these boys are just going through the motions. There’s sexual tension to enjoy, mostly in the form of Brian trying to hide the fact that his need for bondage is more than just a natural desire to be tied up; it gets him so, so hot. Which is something Dylan can’t ever find out, or he’ll risk losing not only his new found partner in kink, but also his band mate.

As the POV’s solely for Brian, you learn very little about Dylan. Fine by me! This will keep you guessing about Dylan’s motives and prevents the risk of overly explanatory back-and-forth’s. It’s not like this is the kind of intellectually demanding book that has realistic, three-dimensional characters anyway. And really, one of the most important things about Dylan is this: his mind is the jackpot for lovers of abduction fantasies. He outdoes himself with every new encounter with willing victim Brian.

Yeah, every adventurous boy and girl should have a Dylan at his/her disposal!

It’s a shame that the lack of romance apparently wasn’t a conscious choice. Something that becomes clear towards the end, when after an inelegant plot twist, that I’m sure we’ve all encountered before, the author slipped into a probably very comfortable, but oh so dull trope. And…I would have preferred the hotness to be turned up a few more notches during their games, and not having to wait for that stuff until the anticlimax part. But hey, you win some, you lose some! Recommended if the idea of a captor tying you up and threatening to do bad, bad things turns you on, if you could use an idea or two on how to ‘rope someone in’ or you just feel like reading an entertaining, pretty much drama free bondage scene.



21928990Title: Games Boys Play
Author: Zoe X. Rider
Publisher: Loose ID
Pages: 271 pages
Release Date: April 15th 2014
Purchase Links: All Romance Ebooks

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