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REVIEW: “Moonlight Becomes You” by Piper Vaughn & MJ O’Shea


Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend, Jesse Seider, out of their band, Luck. To this day, Shane has never wanted anyone more, and all the sex and alcohol in the world can’t fill the void Jesse left behind. Not even the prospect of teaming up with Britain’s hottest band, Moonlight, for a massive world tour can get him out of his funk. Then he meets lead singer Kayden Berlin and falls into instant lust.

Kayden may act like he’s not interested, but Shane knows he feels the spark between them. Yet the harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away, until one explosive night leaves Shane with a broken heart. That seems to be his lot — lucky at everything but love. Shane still has one lesson left to learn, though: when it comes to love, you can’t always leave things to chance


I can’t lie…I wasn’t fooled for a moment. It was so unbelievably predictable, but honestly? It didn’t matter.

The writing was top-notch- I’m talking brilliant collaboration! I truly adored the voices coming through.

Both MC’s were genuinely delightful- even if you wanted to hate them, you can’t.

And their adventures were sweet agony.

Classic story of the nerdy boy falling for the bad boy, but with so much warmth you cannot help but melt. Shane is a prick. Full of piss and vinegar and looking for trouble; he’s difficult to say the least. Once you learn his painful past you’ll forgive his harshness, poor guy suffered a brutally unfair childhood. Actually, he’s had no childhood at all. When his assigned younger tutor puts him in his place, he finds a drive to please him for some unknown reason.

Jesse can’t help his attraction to the bad-ass punk senior he is forced to tutor; there is instant electricity on his end. He stifles his desires and quickly finds solace in their friendship. He could never be what Shane Ventura wants, could he?

As things progress we clearly see they are night and day, but together they create a perfect harmony.

Chapters ping back and forth from past to present with a shroud of mystery. This is where certainty shines strong. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m easily fooled. I am blindsided on a regular basis….I just never seem to see ‘it’ coming. This time the ‘it’was sparkling and bright. Did it matter? Nawww, it was still fabulous.

Shane made a grave mistake many moons ago. He sacrificed his best friend, his boyfriend, and his safe haven for a coveted break in the music biz. He lost so much more than a band member the day he walked away from Jesse, and he tortures himself daily for his stupidity. He drowns his sorrows in the rock-star clichés and hates the life he imagined his dreams were made of.

When his band, Luck kicks off a world-wide tour with Moonlight something awakens in Shane. He is instantly attracted to the British superstar and despite his frigid brush-off, he wants to get to know him. He can’t fathom why Kayden refuses to acknowledge the pull between them. The attraction is fierce but Shane finds himself craving more and desperately wants Kayden to be on the receiving end of his newfound streak of passion. There is something deeper going on, Shane just can’t figure out what the big secret is. Witnessing the big reveal is bittersweet.

It was fun & sexy and the boys snagged another groupie, I can’t wait for more!



21860080Title: Moonlight Becomes You (Lucky Moon #1)
Author: Piper Vaughn, MJ O’Shea
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 200
Release Date: April 7, 2014 (2nd Edition)
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

7 comments on “REVIEW: “Moonlight Becomes You” by Piper Vaughn & MJ O’Shea

  1. Marlobo
    May 13, 2014

    Very nice review Susan. I agree that the predictability loses relevance in light of such delightful reading. And the next one -The Luckiest Moon- is even better in my opinion, I have it on my favorites shelf :)


    • Sheri
      May 14, 2014

      Thanks Marlobo!
      I am looking forward to the second one….I had a chance to read the short in-between (Beyond Moonlight) and I think Nick is going to have one hell of a story!


      • Marlobo
        May 14, 2014

        Gah! I mentioned a Susan who posted it and not you, I feel guilty, guilte, guilty…
        And NIck is for die for..


        • Sheri
          May 14, 2014

          no worries! it’s kinda confusing.
          Nicky seems like he’s going to be a very bad boy ;)
          I can’t get it till this fall, but it’s on my list!


      • Marlobo
        May 14, 2014

        to die for…* Gosh, I don’t can enter here during workday :P


      • Marlobo
        May 14, 2014

        OMG, forget and forgive my grammar -don’t can,??- *shaking head,*


        • Sheri
          May 14, 2014

          ha! you sound like me….I hate it that you can’t edit comments


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