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REVIEW: “A Different Dance” by Nash Summers


Casey has always dreamed of being swept off his feet, despite feeling like he continually gets the short end of the stick. His stepmom is constantly nattering at him about the way he looks, his stepsisters ignore him unless they need something, his best friends can’t seem to get along, and the love of his life barely notices he’s alive.

One evening out with his friends, Casey decides to lay all his cards on the table and profess his love to the man he’s been lusting after for years. But by the time the clock strikes midnight, will Casey’s Prince Charming be the man he’s always dreamed of?


This short Cinderfella story was sweet and a quick, easy read.

Problem for me is that there are better Cinderfella stories out there. And though this one was fine, it was not something I found particularly memorable or with any original take to it.  I think the short story format didn’t work for this as it felt the author was trying to do too much and ultimately didn’t end up doing enough.

Casey, the MC, is not an entirely likable character. I think he has his charm, but he comes across a little bit pathetic and his crush, Jackson, well there wasn’t anything believable about why Casey would be attracted to him.  The other side characters played very generic roles, none of whom were fleshed out: the girl bestie, the flamboyant gay bestie, the awful stepmom.

The best part of the story was the character of Ethan. He’s this big lumberjack of a man who is kind and gentle and exudes the “hero” qualities that are swoonworthy.  I just had trouble understanding why he’d be interested in Casey.  Still…Ethan…me likey…

There were some unnecessary details that had little to do with the plot (dance studio, clean clothing, family picture)…and I would have preferred to have that wordcount devoted more to developing the relationship.

Still, if you’re a sucker for a Cinderfella story, as I am, it’s worth doing a quick read through. If it’s not particularly your favorite plot line, fine to pass on this one.



Sara – 4 stars
Ami – 4 stars


21950961Title: A Different Dance
Author: Nash Summers
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 25
Release Date: April 25, 2014
Purchase Links: Torquere Press, ARe

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