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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Flibbertigibbet” by Willa Okati



Is Donovan ready to leave routine behind and take a chance on a flirtatious flibbertigibbet?

Donovan thought he had his life all planned out. He knew where he was headed, and how he’d get there. Might not have been the most exciting life, but it was safe. Sensible. Practical. Just what he wanted.

That was before his house burned down in a freak accident. Now, Donovan’s life is all about crash space on a friend’s houseboat and entertaining the antics of his new neighbour and marina maintenance man Leaf. If Leaf ever took anything seriously in his life, he shows no signs of it. He’s loquacious, outrageous, and not even a little shy. Absolutely not the kind of man Donovan had thought he’d fall for before he tipped head over heels for the flibbertigibbet’s offbeat charm.

When it comes down to a choice between sensible and scandalous, is Donovan really ready to leave routine behind and take the plunge into deep water?


I’ll let you in on a secret:  I chose to read this book based on it’s title.  I may or may not, have a lifelong crush on anything that involves The Sound of Music… and the Nuns call Maria a Flibbertigbbet – so here we are.

Sadly there was a lot that didn’t work for me. The courting between the two main characters starts on page one. Well, it’s actually one character that is instantly infatuated by the other from the very onset of the story. Just as the blurb says, Donovan (MC) is not ready for a relationship and his life in upheaval and while he keeps telling Leaf (MC) that he’s not in the right headspace or time in his life, Leaf keeps pushing his way into Donovan’s life. That repeated occurrence had me incensed because in my mind, when someone says no, they mean NO and even “those wide brown eyes” and “that smile” shouldn’t get a green pass to harassment. Though it didn’t seem like that was the intention the author was trying to convey – it still really got to me. And at times Leaf, Donovan and their friends reminded me of immature 16 year old schoolgirls.

I was also annoyed, despite Leaf’s amusement, that Donovan had “no idea at all” how gorgeous he is. Really? That old character trait still works?

While I’m well aware that this is a novella, and there isn’t much scope for deep characterization or scene setting, I still felt like nothing happened.  I mean, they met, meet other people at a party, have a misunderstanding, talk briefly and then resolve to live happily after.

By the way, the sticker on the front cover which says “Sexy Snack” isn’t lying.  The sex was, in my opinion, the highlight in this novella.



22009956Title:  Flibbertigibbet
Author:  Willa Okati
Publisher:  Totally Bound
Words:  26,367
Release Date:  June 20th, 2014
Purchase Links:  Totally Bound

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