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FANFICTION WEEK – REVIEW: “Off the Wrong Foot” by Unloyal_Olio





John and Sherlock aren’t flatmates. Instead, John gets a job in Bart’s morgue, and Sherlock attempts to abscond with body parts.

Which is just not on…



I was torn on what kind of fanfic I should write a review on but I had a hard week and I needed something that could cheer me up.

“Off the Wrong Foot” is an AU fanfic of BBC Sherlock written in John Watson’s POV. John is a former special ops who found a job in the St. Bart’s morgue where he met the infuriating but brilliant consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes who tried to steal a corpse’ foot. Naturally, John has to stop him by using his badass moves. Unfortunately, he found Sherlock attractive so everytime he tried to fight and subdue the detective he just got turned on.

To make matters more complicated, there is a massive influx of cadavers, the SIS twit ordering him around to follow and protect Sherlock, naked assassins, a criminal mastermind who is trying to get Sherlock’s attentions and killing off John’s former special ops buddies and kitchen sex.

Unloyal_Olio has been one of my favorite authors in various fandoms because I always enjoyed her writing style. The fic is amusing and an easy read with a good plot and interesting characters and their interactions are always fun to read. It never fails to cheer me up!

Anyone can read it even if you haven’t watched the TV series since it’s an AU fanfic (AU means “Alternate Universe“, or straying away from the original source, which is the TV series). Please feel free to give the author some love and reviews.




johnlock1Title: Off the Wrong Foot
Author: Unloyal_Olio
Fandom: BBC’s Sherlock (TV)
Relationship: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Word Count: 31,103
Completed On: May 13, 2015
Fanfic Link: AO3

About Ami

My name is Ami and I'm an Indonesian girl in my mid 30's, living in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I used to do a lot of journal writing in a different website but over the years, I started to lose interest. I am, instead, pretty active in reading and writing opinion in Goodreads. Then I start thinking that maybe I can have a blog in which I write mostly about books or joy of reading or anything related to reading activity, really. So this is what this blog is for ... although, I may be inspired to write off-books topic as well :)

2 comments on “FANFICTION WEEK – REVIEW: “Off the Wrong Foot” by Unloyal_Olio

  1. Mercedes
    May 30, 2014

    This is one of the funniest Sherlock FF out there. BAMF!John is awesome too!


    • jarta
      June 12, 2014

      Yeah, it’s hilarious and sexy that’s why I love rereading this fic again and again. And I needed something to cheer me up after the way Hannibal season 2 ended.


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