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REVIEW: “Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek” by R. Cooper



Former soldier Octavio “Tavio” Reyes works as a barista, a favorite with the customers—especially Tommy O’Shaughnessy. An avowed geek, Tommy comes in daily to flirt, usually under the guise of Trekkie talk. Tavio hesitates; now that he’s out of the army, he’s not sure how out he should be, or whether to take his chances on a geek devoted to sci-fi and comic books. But when Tommy compares him to an unemotional Vulcan, Tavio finally considers dating an out-and-proud nerd. Then Tommy surprises him again and introduces him to his daughter, whom Tommy loves even more than Star Trek or Tavio. Now Tavio has a whole new decision to make: Is he ready to romance a family man?


Well that was disappointing.

I get that this story is sweet and full of geeky goodness but I just didn’t connect with the characters or story at all.

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek is a cute story about a barista and a geek, who both happen to be war veterans – so there’s some subtle subtext about connection and understanding.  Yes, Tavio is reticent and ominous, and Tommy clearly knows how to read Tavio’s behaviour and almost non-existant mannerisms but I failed to see what more Tommy saw in Tavio.  *shrugs*  I guess I don’t need to know, but I still felt like I was watching the duo through a window rather than feeling immersed in the story.

There’s a noteworthy twist on family structure which was a pleasant change.

The interactions between the two MCs were candid and thoughtful – and yet, I was underwhelmed.

66 pages of storyline with quite a few details that were thoughtful and held so much promise or possibility, but yet it was just not enough for me.



medium sweetTitle:  Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek
Author: R. Cooper
Publisher:  Dreamspinner
Pages:  66
Release Date:  October 8, 2013
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner

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