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REVIEW: “Lance” by Jet Mykles



Years ago Lance and Gordon fell in love when the bass player and band manager were part of The Might. The band was led by a rich, self important genius and everything was just great as long as no one rocked the boat. But Gordon chafed in the restrictive atmosphere and Lance was too laid back to test any boundaries. Gordon pushed for more; Lance fought any change. The final straw came when Lance acted out by sleeping with someone else. That was it. Gordon broke it off and was gone.

Now, Gordon’s invited Lance to join the Indigo Knights, a new band he’s managing. He’s made it clear that this is business only and that they’re not going to rekindle the flames of their past. But Lance has been so hung up on Gordon that he’s been celibate all this time. He wants no one else. He regrets how things ended, but he’s never had the chance to try to make amends.

This is his only chance. Can Lance convince Gordon to trust him again?


First things first, I LOVE ‘second chances’ stories. This is my favorite trope – some people love GFY/OFY, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers … me? Anything with “the one who got away” theme just warms my heart. So when the blurb for book 3 of Jet Mykles’s Indigo Knights series was out, I was excited beyond belief. I already noted the history between Lance and Gordon from the previous book (which was released 2 years ago!) and couldn’t wait to see how it would pan out.

And I LOVED it … I really did.

I thought it was really interesting that while Lance was the one who made mistakes in the past, I could actually feel that it was Gordon that might be the unsympathetic character. Gordon did came out as the bossy character, while Lance was the more laid-back and pragmatist one – and he was also the one who did the penance after their broken relationship. I thought this provided subtlety to the situation – that some readers could see why it ended up badly for the two of them. That Lance wasn’t the only guilty party in the break-up. For me, that was really good.

Now, a little technicality – this story was written in alternate present-past time chapters. So you get one chapter of the present, followed up by a past time chapter. The past time chapters started at the beginning, where Lance first met Gordon, up to the moment of their break up. While the present chapters started from the moment they finally met again – after Gordon contacted both Lance and Noble to be part of the Indigo Knights – until the resolution of their relationship. I don’t know how most readers will take this kind of structure – some might not like it.

Truthfully, it did made the story drag especially from the middle towards the ending. It felt too long to get to the point of the break-up. Readers have to go through the present time with Lance being celibate and Gordon avoiding him while experiencing the slow ‘journey’ of Lance and Gordon hooking up for the first time in the past. And the break-up point felt too quick and abrupt.

But again, this was my favorite trope and I absolutely loved the last chapter. I could only say that it provided what I wanted and I loved how Lance pushed Gordon past his bullshit up to the point where Gordon finally admitted he still loved Lance. I could read that last chapter over and over again just to savor it. I always prefer complicated couplings rather than the sweet-fluffy-eyes-gazing-lovingly-towards-each-other ones anyway.

So yes, I loved this installment. Now, I hope I don’t have to wait another two years for Noble’s story *smile*




jm_ik3_lance_1Title: Lance (Indigo Knights #3)
Author: Jet Mykles
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 216
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Purchase Links: Loose Id, ARe, Amazon

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