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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: #20 – You sexy thang…

Boys in our Books Friday Question of the Week!

Each week we’ll ask a question about your reading experience. Our review team will give our answers and we encourage you to join in and comment with your answers as well!  Let’s talk about BOOKS! :)


Who is the single SEXIEST character in all of m/m?


I was going to steal Tracy’s answer because I wholeheartedly agreed with her. But I decided to give a different answer (not my automatic one). So, if Jake Riordan and Mr. Darcy made a lovechild, he’d be my choice. Yep, Joanna Chamber’s Lord Murdo Balfour (Enlightenment Series)


Oh shoot! Toreth’s already taken by everyone! Warrick (from The Administration) then, because he’s just so sexy under Toreth’s hands and well, isn’t he the best fuck in the world? Also, he’s never far from Toreth and a girl can always hope, right?


SINGLE sexiest? Oh no. No, no, no. For me it’s a toss up between Mind Fuck‘s TorethFatal Shadows‘s Jake and Cut & Run‘s Zane. I refuse to pick one! I can’t! (Also: what’s with me and the stubborn, damaged man???)


Toreth (The Administration) and Jake (Adrien English), because, duh, I’m unoriginal.


Well it is good to see a number of us have a healthy(?) love for the possible sociopath, I too, will have to name Senior Para Val Toreth as the sexiest M/M character.


Randy Jansen from the Special Delivery Series. I mean… it’s Randy and just, well unf! I loved him in each of the stories as you go deeper with the man you can’t help but fall in love/lust and just want him to flirt with you, give you a nickname, tie you up and, I digress. Hell, I may have written a bit of fan fiction about that very thing that may take place in my town’s local gay bar… maybe?


Without blinking; the single most sexy man ever written in the m/m genre is Hsin Liu VegaEvenfall


Hmmmm, this is slightly tricky for me. If I haven’t told you before, Ty Grady from C&R is my book husband. I adore everything about him (maddening quirks, smart mouth, stubborn streak) BUT, if we are talking sexy? Well, that would have to be Jacob from PsyCop. He makes my tummy flip and my toes curl.


I’m going to have to go for my auto-fill response and say VaDan (aka Dan and Vadim from Special Forces). Yes, I know they’re a couple but they were so desperate to be joined as one in all their kinky fuckery, that, well, I thought they were totes hot. ;)


Here’s where I duck for cover from my other blog mates. I’ve never gotten the attraction to Toreth (Warrick, I get. But Toreth, blech). And Jake? I was so angry at him until book 5. SOWWY… SEXY?  Zane (from Cut & Run…6’5″ of yummy FBI goodness), Jacob (from PsyCop…this man makes me WANT), Rand (from Timing…because big, tall, possessive cowboy, duh)…and because I like ’em damaged…HSIN LIU VEGA a-hummina-hummina (from In the Company of Shadows…walking sex. 2 words: balcony scene)


I’m going to go with Jake from Adrien English, but especially The Dark Tide. He is a ball of hot, looming, man-pain, and when he moves forward, it’s like you can feel every step, each footfall a mix of pained regret and aching, breathless relief.


Toreth from The Administration. It’s not because he’s blond, tall, muscular, and has a seven inch dick (according to Cele). Where was I going with this again? Oh, it’s also his personality. <3



14 comments on “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: #20 – You sexy thang…

  1. gaycrow
    June 20, 2014

    Before I read any of the reviewers’ answers, I straight away thought of Jake from the Adrien English series. I guess there must be something about him. *sigh*


  2. Moira
    June 20, 2014

    Jake from Adrien English also. But a few more for me, Prytor from A Place for Cliff, Talon ps. and Marcus from Rough Canvas Joey W. Hill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheri
      June 20, 2014

      Ooooo, Marcus! How could I forget about Marcus? Good one


  3. xlorix
    June 20, 2014

    HMmmmm, sexy characters. Weeeeell….my default answer for all of these questions seems to be Mac from Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons series – he’s honourable, protective, handsome, great with children and comes out of his comfort zone (and his closet) for his man. Honestly, what is sexier than that?

    But also, Mas from Josephine Myles’ Stuff. Funny, quirky, a bit of a drama queen but with a heart of gold. That’s sexy, right?

    I’m sure I’ll think of a million more as soon as I’ve pressed post..but yeah, MAc’s my man!! (Although there is also a certain guy in a unpubbed ms that is MINE, sexy as all hell and fit as….as soon as it’s released on the world I’ll come back and let you know more!! Evil aren’t I? !)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mônica Vidal
    June 20, 2014

    I feel a little awkward for choosing them because they’re related but what can one do? I pick E (ugh god E) there’s just no one like him in the history of ever. And Hsin, because how can you not pick Hsin? And if you disagree go read the balcony scene and you’ll understand. So, those are my choice: E and Hsin – In the Company of Shadows.


  5. Anyta Sunday
    June 20, 2014

    I’m feeling so left out. Lol. I’ve never heard of Toreth or The Administration. Sounds like something I have to remedy. And pronto.


  6. hkhelen
    June 20, 2014

    Hnnnngh, this is so difficult. How to choose just one?

    I’ve just reread R. Cooper’s ‘Some Kind of Magic’, and I just adore Ray. So torn up inside, pining for Cal. And they only get a few pages of on screen sexy-times, but it’s so /desperate/…unf. Also, size difference kink. Double unf.

    But sexiest of all time? I don’t know if Ray is. … There’s also Zane, and Rand, and Julian from Warrior’s Cross, and Julien from No Distance (Witt/Voinov) who is new, but so dirty, and and and and and…nope, can’t do it. Can’t pick just one.


  7. Tiffany
    June 20, 2014

    Jake and Zane, hands down. Thank God they’re not sleeping with each other. It would be TOO MUCH!!!


  8. Marlobo
    June 20, 2014

    Marcus from Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill. and Jake from Take my Picture by Giselle Ellis.
    I read Adrien English Series and Cut & Run Series and I’ m not a big fan of them, but I need check The Administration

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ami
      June 22, 2014

      Ah, Jake from Take My Picture *imagining and goes sighing*

      Liked by 1 person

    • Echo
      August 9, 2014

      Love Marcus too


  9. Karen H
    June 23, 2014

    I’m not sure if I can truly pick one there are so many seriously sexy, hot men in the books I’ve read along with the ones that have already been listed Julia Talbot’s Thatcher brothers are smokin’ hot, Manny Sullivan from R.J. Scott’s Sanctuary series. Really what can I say there’s just something about a techno geek who knows how to handle weapons that starts my engine but if I have to put someone at the top of the list for me it’s got to be Wicked Templeton from Havan Fellow’s Pulp Friction series Wicked’s Way.


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