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REVIEW: “The Perils of Praline ” by Marshall Thornton



When he falls in love with a contestant on a reality TV show, Peter “Praline” Palmetier decides to leave his home in rural Georgia and, failing to realize this might be considered stalking, travels to Hollywood to find his soul mate, Dave G. Once in tinsel-town he meets a collection of startling, and often horny, characters in his quest. They include a studly steward, a conservative talk show host, the Godfather of the Gay Mafia, and casting assistant Jason Friedman, who always manages to be there in time to save Praline from total disaster. Will Praline find love with the illusive Dave G., or will he recognize the charms of appealing but untelegenic Jason?


Well, what a hullabaloo that was. A chaotic exercise in American social satire that is at times very funny, until it’s not.

This is truly a work of fiction without an ounce of realism in it at all, and that’s great, I love a bit of slapstick and satire. It’s a spoof of the American dream, the small town boy who goes to Hollywood to make his dreams come true. And for Praline it’s to find his one true love; reality TV star Dave G.

Praline is adorable, he is a gorgeous and naive, a stereotypical Southern boy with an amazing bubble butt who unfortunately was raised on second hand marijuana smoke and daytime soap operas …he hasn’t a clue, not socially or intellectually. He is not real, he is a caricature having an adventure in a parody of Hollywood that’s full of other little caricatures who Praline ends up having sex with for various reasons or, for no reason at all. Praline is the catalyst for all sorts of havoc and mayhem and his story leads from one absurd scenario to another and another, and then another … It’s nuts! But it’s fun and the satire is smart as the author has a proper go at Hollywood, TV programmes, agents, celebrities, socialites, designer branding and just about anything really, nothing and nobody is safe from the authors satirical whip.

If that was all the author was doing this would have been just great. But somehow; by combining the slapstick and satire with this much random and superfluous sex with multiple characters, the romantic aspect fails. The writing is too whimsical and too often it felt like I was reading a pornographic screenplay of The Perils of Praline’s Penis. I think the  author had fun but the situation comedy was too prolonged and became too ridiculous. You know like when you first watched Dumb and Dumber and you laughed your arse off and then you get excited for the next one until you see the trailer and it’s just not funny anymore, it’s nauseatingly absurd? Well, this is how I felt about this one. Quirky and fun at the beginning but just plain stupid by the end.  It would have worked better as a novella IMO.



Title: The Perils of Praline
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 220
Release Date: 9 October 2010
Purchase Links: All Romance, Amazon.com 

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