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COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “My Summer of Wes” by Missy Welsh

“(Don’t?) Judge A Book By Its Cover” Week


Jenni votes THUMBS DOWN on the cover for “My Summer of Wes”. Let’s see how the book itself fared…


I didn’t know. How could I? All through high school, I was beaten up and teased for being gay. But I wasn’t gay. Or didn’t think I was. Now Wes, the guy across the street who’s taken me under his wing and been the best friend I’ve ever had, won’t stop invading my dreams, hell, my every waking thought. Am I gay? Because I’m thinking I’d like to kiss him. Actually, I’m thinking there’s a lot more I’d like to do with his mouth and the rest of that tall, confident, muscular body. Ah, man… I’m so gay!

But what if he doesn’t feel the same way about me? And, Jesus, what about my parents? And those bastards from school are still around. And I’m supposed to go to college this fall… Shit, I need to sit down. I can’t breathe and I’m about to shake apart. Then Wes puts his hand on the back of my neck, gives me one of those encouraging squeezes and his bright smile, and everything’s okay again. Yeah, I’m hooked. Oh, boy…


Well, I suggest we just go ahead and shut down “(Don’t?) Judge a Book by its Cover” week. I mean, here’s definitive proof that cover judging is plain wrong.

I think we can safely agree this is one of the most shiver-inducing, icky covers ever, right? (I can STILL remember the first time I laid eyes on it, and that was at least a year ago. I reacted viscerally; I knew I would never read My Summer of Wes, like, EVER.)




If you’re nodding in agreement, stop and trust me. Go buy this book immediately. You’re excused from my review.

Oh, you’re still here? Alright, fine, I’ll give you three reasons why you need to read this book in spite of its cover.


Reason 1: This book is sweet.

My Summer of Wes has so much sugary sweetness it’ll give you cavities. Schedule your dental appointment now.

Reason 2: Wes and Mal.

Wes and Mal are two of the hottest young things I’ve read about in ages. Wes is new in town. He just moved in across the street from Mal. Wes is buff, he’s into restoring muscle cars and he’s out and proud. Precious, nerdy Mal just graduated high school and can’t wait to have a fresh, clean slate when he heads off to college in the fall. He’s been bullied for years because other kids think he’s gay. Trouble is, Mal doesn’t think he’s gay. Enter Wes. Wes is a friend to Mal from the start. He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t push, he’s just there to talk and hang out.

*dramatic sigh*

I love Wes so hard it hurts. He calls Mal baby and honey and puts his hand on Mal’s neck when they walk and…GAH.

*bites fist*

*dramatic sigh*

*throws self on floor*


I’m okay, really. So yeah, Wes.

And Mal, that angel. He’s just so delicate and unassuming. Once he realizes he’s gay and makes his confession to Wes…well, that leads me to reason No. 3 why you absolutely, positively can’t judge this book by its cover…

Reason 3: This book is ridiculously hot. Oh, and, um, very well written.

My Summer of Wes includes heart-pounding, virgin MC sexy time. Do I need to explain anything else? You want details? Harlots! Okay, there’s shower sexy time, beach sexy time, auto shop sexy time, bedroom sexy time…

Ignore all that. What I meant to say was, wow, this book is very well written! It flows and develops perfectly. For as short as it is, nothing is rushed or skimped, the MCs are relatable, likeable and believable. The supporting cast and setting are interesting. Best of all, the boys grow and change and learn about themselves and each other, but not in the “insta” kind of way.

Hey, you know what magical thing happened to me by the time I was done? The cover sorta grew on me, and now I think I might actually love it. Call the book police, I’ve been brainwashed! And until they arrive, I’ll just be over here reading about Wes and Mal and their delicious summer (again).



Susan – 3.5 stars

Ami – 3 stars

Sue – 4 stars


8646908Title: My Summer of Wes
Author: Missy Welsh
Publisher:  Loose-ID
Pages: 194
Release Date:  October 1, 2006
Purchase Links:  Amazon

2 comments on “COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “My Summer of Wes” by Missy Welsh

  1. Kaje Harper
    June 23, 2014

    A sweet, warm, easy comfort read. Don’t look at the cover.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SL
    June 30, 2014

    I adored this book as well. Wes and Mal were total sweethearts!


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