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COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “Fall of a State” by Kate Cotoner

“(Don’t?) Judge A Book By Its Cover” Week

Ilhem votes THUMBS UP on the cover for “Fall of a State”. Let’s see how the book itself fared…


The desire of an emperor… Bored with his usual palace musicians, the emperor Liu Che is tempted by a new song from lowly qin-player Li Yan Nian. Yan Nian is also beautiful, and Liu Che is in the mood to take a new lover. His lovers usually come to him, but Yan Nian’s shy reticence intrigues the emperor.

The yearning of a man… Yan Nian has been in love with the emperor since he entered the palace. Regardless of his heart, he made a promise on his father’s deathbed to use his musical skills to bring his beloved younger sister to the emperor’s attention. However, Lady Li has no intention of becoming an imperial concubine.

The danger of love… An attack at a victory celebration heralds an attempt on the emperor’s life, and desire and yearning collide when it’s revealed there may be no way to protect all the hearts threatened by a plot to overthrow the state.

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.


I’ve been eyeing this cover for some time now. I like the mix of modern graphism and traditional painting,  I love the coloring, the surimpressions and variations of ocre, the splash of red, how well-balanced it is.  It tells of two characters who are not equals; the warrior is standing tall and proud, and looking ahead, the musician is kneeling at his side but somehow not at his feet, looking sweet and dreamy. Besides the effect for balance in the drawing, it’s interesting that  the sword and the instrument are aligned and pointing at the same direction. Maybe equals, after all…

The overall effect is elegant and a little stiff, making me hope at best for the clash of unbridled passion against stiffly exteriors, making me fear at worst something too smooth and delicate, overusing the fade effect.



Cover art by Anne Cain


Once I began reading it, I felt like laughing and slapping my knee with glee, because fearing that it is too uptight, I should have not! I find it very amusing that this book actually is unbridled under stiffly exteriors. This is unalduretated porn!

Sadly, it didn’t work for me. The writing is indeed elegant when it wants to be,  it definitely knows how to be bold and graphic to picture hot, messy, right-in-your-face sex scenes, but there is no in-between, and it is strangely unsubtle for an author who seems able to handle it. I did enjoy the beginning; the setting, the hushed courtly ambiance  disturbed only by the emperor’s tantrum, and the first erotic scene, all teasing and power play. But the development takes its sweet time to make up its mind  between contrived inner conflicts and rushed political machinations, the characterization  is one moment mawkish, one moment wanton and overall as consistant as a porn actor’s play acting.  The result is something disrupting and phony. Without tension of any kind.

To be honest, I’m still unsure of why exactly this story irritated me, but it might be where the shoe pinches. I have my not-so-guilty pleasures, I don’t necessarily expect in-depth characterization, I can suspend disbelief and overlook a lot, because, you know, it’s smut fun.  But without tension to blow on the embers and fuel my interest for the characters, my attention wanders, I grow very quickly bored with the knuckles biting, moaning, mewling, purring, spurting, and I find the overall delighted ecstasy unsatisfying.

I can’t say  who will love this story or not, but if you put it aside thinking that it’s a boring, sexless historical, fear NOT! It’s the fluffy, naughty tale of two lovers learning to be equals in love if not in station.





Title: Fall of a State
Author: Kate Cotoner
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 138 pages
Release Date:  June 30th 2010
Purchase links : out of print

2 comments on “COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “Fall of a State” by Kate Cotoner

  1. SL
    June 30, 2014

    This cover is exquisite! Sorry the book didn’t work for you though…


    • ilhem3606
      June 30, 2014

      Ah well, I’m glad I gave it a try. I can’t say that the cover mislead me, the objective elements are true to the story. It’s just that it’s a flattering vision, and my experience differed from it.

      Exquisite is the perfect word. I’m glad that we had a closer look at cover artists’ work, because the only cover artist’s name I knew was yours. I googled Anne Cain, and guess what?! Most of her covers are among my favorites, and I didn’t even know at the time who had designed them.


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