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COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “Straight Guy’s First Gay Shave (An M/M Body Shaving and Anal Sex Story)” by Josh Lark

“(Don’t?) Judge A Book By Its Cover” Week


Katinka votes THUMBS UP on the cover of “Straight Guy’s First Gay Shave (An M/M Body Shaving and Anal Sex Story)”. Let’s see how the book itself fared…


When straight guy Jeremy shows up at his gay friend Doug’s apartment, he confesses that his girlfriend only wants to have sex with him if he shaves his chest. Doug, who thinks his best friend has the perfect hairy body, agrees to give him a gay guy body makeover and gets sexy Jeremy stripped down to a towel, but how close will Jeremy let Doug get when his buddy’s intimate touch gives him a boner?

WARNING: This 7000-word erotica story by Josh Lark contains explicit sex between two hot men, both oral and anal, as well as rimming, ball-sucking, and a climactic full-body shave that will leave you on the razor edge of climax yourself.


So this is complicated: I’d label half of this cover GOOD cover material ( because; hairy) and the other half BAD cover material (because; plucked chicken). But I know a get-grandma’s-crunchy-caramel-popcorn-ready-NOW title when I see one and that’s what sealed the deal for me here. And thus I proudly present to you…..my GOOD COVER pick for BioB’s Cover Week.





Now getting into the pants of unsuspecting straight boys seems to be a bit of a reoccurring theme for this author, judging by titles as ‘Sucking my straight roommate’ (proceeds to blow bubble gum bubbles in a bored manner), ‘Schooling my Straight Professor (A Gay Student Teacher Seduction Sex Story)’ (thinks back to her mathematics prof in high school and perks up a little) to ‘Dominating my Straight Boss (A Gay Gangbang in Office Sensitivity Training)’… whuhh?




Yeah, that.

Anyway, all his covers have in common that they speak to and seduce the sensationalist in you and that, yep, privacy truly is a huge bonus feature of ereaders…


18873491 21133825


Back to Straight Guy’s First Gay Shave though! Based on the cover you’d almost expect poorly written smut that only focuses on getting tab A into slot B. So it’s kind of a pleasant surprise when it turns out that Lark is not a shitty writer. This particular story is only 18 pages short, but in those pages he manages to convey the emotions of the gay narrator pretty well, builds anticipation, describes the actual fully body shave in all its smooth details and doesn’t leave you hanging in the end either. Sure, when it comes to the writing he slips up every now and then, resulting in the occasional “sphincter that clenches in surprise”, but overall, the quality and sensuality are definitely there:

Because he had just washed it, his armpit didn’t smell bad like after being at the gym, but the masculine smell of body hair under muscle still lingered faintly, like a cologne that had worn mostly away a few hours after application. It was a warm, full-bodied smell and I wanted to press my face against it and take a deep breath in to fill my lungs with it, but I would never be so daring.

I know, right? Nom nom!  And isn’t it nice to discover a new author who happens to have a huge backlist of short stories that cover various kinky kinks? The only thing that could be a bit off putting about Lark’s stories are the price tags, that, in my eyes, are on the steep side for only a couple of pages (Broken Back Fuck: $ 3,62/ 13 pages). I’d therefore recommend taking your time to select a story that sounds like it will be right up your alley and take it from there if you like what you read.




21232950Title: Straight Guy’s First Gay Shave (an M/M Body Shaving and Anal Sex Story)
Author: Josh Lark
Publisher:  Self-published
Pages: 20
Release Date:  June 8th 2012
Purchase Links: Smashwords

4 comments on “COVERS WEEK REVIEW: “Straight Guy’s First Gay Shave (An M/M Body Shaving and Anal Sex Story)” by Josh Lark

  1. Idamus
    June 29, 2014

    I don’t mind the cover, but the title had me running away, screaming o.O


    • katinka
      June 29, 2014

      You don’t like your men, straight or gay, shaved? I can sympathize.;p


      • Idamus
        June 29, 2014

        The only place a guy should shave is the face :p


  2. SL
    June 30, 2014

    You crack me up! This cover is…bwahahahahahaha-worthy! :D


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