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REVIEW: “And Call Me in the Morning” by



Take two, and call me in the morning.

Eli and Zane. Colleagues at work and close friends, though on the surface it’s an unexpected friendship between an odd couple. While Zane took the “high school to college to med school” track, medicine is Eli’s second career and the best choice he ever made. He has work that he loves, an extended second family of colleagues and friends, and Zane.

So why does everyone make such a big deal about the pair of them?

Yes, they spend a lot of time together. It doesn’t mean they’re a real couple. When teased about it one too many times by their colleagues, Zane challenges Eli to set the record straight with a kiss to prove there’s absolutely no chemistry between them.

Neither expected a spark to ignite between them. More than a spark. Desire. Passion.

Zane wants to try getting up close and personal again to see if it was a one-time fluke or something more. Eli thinks he’s too old to jump the fence now, but he can’t say no to Zane and he doesn’t want to.

Truth be told, Eli’s not so sure they can set the record straight after all.


I am a sucker for the friends to lover’s trope. It makes me swoon and lets me imagine the boys are kinda like my action figures I try to make kiss. Don’t judge me.

And Call Me in the Morning has been on my TBR list and owned for months. When I saw there was a sequel coming out I knew it was time to meet Eli and Zane and see what this whole deal was about.

The story is told exclusively through Eli’s POV and begins with him meeting Zane for brunch with friends. Both men are in their early 40’s (can I thank the author at least a dozen times for that alone?) and are doctors at Immaculate Grace Hospital. Their friends constantly tease them about being together so much and being more than friends. When the suggestion comes up that they don’t know if they could be more because they haven’t tried, the boys shrug it off and go about their meal.

But… Zane has other ideas and tells Eli that they should kiss just so they get it out of the way and can say they did and shut their friends up and *swoon* That first kiss? Oh yeah. The first kiss in any romance can make me melt but this on with long time friends opening themselves up to the unknown and the possibility of a new relationship with each other? Gah. Can someone hand me a fan? It’s getting hot in here?

Everywhere Eli turned, all roads led to Zane. It scared the fuck out of him, but despite all his protests, it didn’t scare him as much as he thought and that scared him most of all.


So, the boys fumble a bit with where they want to go form the kiss but ultimately they end up together. This was where it got really good because come on; two attractive men in their 40’s learning the ins and outs of gay sex with each other? It was pretty damn hot.

Now while the sexy time was indeed sexy, there were a few things that kept pulling me out of the story:

-This is told in Eli’s POV yet there were times I had to stop and read sentences over again because it felt like we switched into Zane’s POV. There were things Eli knew going on with Zane, in his head, there was no possible way he could have known.
-The boys are doctors yet Eli didn’t know what was given to Zane at one point when as a doctor it could/would have been known for the treatment or he would have asked. Right? As a concerned partner, I would have asked and wanted to know, you would think an actual doctor would too.
-Two words; hand sanitizer. I still shake my head at that bit. It took me out of that scene and I wanted to be IN that scene more than anything.

Aside from the few editing issues and what I mentioned, this was still a fun read. The boys had serious chemistry and I loved that they were friends first and knew so much about one another. I liked Holly and Diana and the rolls they played in the story. They are both good friends and good doctors. I adored Taye and Richie from the moment we meet them both at brunch and fell for them as well the more we got of their story.

The end of this was adorable, romantic and oh so fitting for Eli and Zane – I can’t wait to read the second book and catch up with the boys.

There was one advantage to being older when first trying this. No, two; appreciation of the journey and appreciating properly what he had. It was what he’d always wanted, even if he’d never known that.




And call me in the morningTitle: And Call Me in the Morning
Author: Willa Okati
Publisher: Loose ID
Pages: 264
Release Date: January 15, 2010
Purchase Links: Loose ID, ARe, Amazon, B&N

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