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REVIEW: “Driftwood” by Harper Fox


What the tide washes in, the past can sweep away.

All Dr. Tom Penrose wants is his old life back. He’s home in Cornwall after a hellish tour of duty in Afghanistan, but while the village is the same, he isn’t. His grip on his control is fragile, and it slips dangerously when Flynn Summers explodes into his life. The vision in tight neoprene nearly wipes them both out in a surfing mishaps and shatters Tom’s lonely peace.

Flynn is a crash-and-burn in progress, one of only two survivors of a devastating rescue helicopter crash that killed his crew. His carefree charm is merely a cover for the messed-up soul within. The sparks between him and Tom are the first light he’s seen in a long, dark tunnel of self-recrimination, which includes living in sexual thrall to fellow crash survivor and former co-pilot, Robert.

As their attraction burns through spring and into summer, Tom must confront not only his own shadows, but Flynn’s before the past rises up to swallow his lover whole.

Warning: Contains explicit m/m sex, hot helicopter pilots and skin-tight wetsuits. Also, in true British tradition, a tiny bit of joystick innuendo.



I liked so many things about Driftwood. Hot, damaged ex-military doc meets hot, damaged ex-military pilot. Add action, mystery, intrigue, gorgeous location, sexy time and a cool dog (Harper Fox writes some kick-ass dogs, y’all). I mean, what’s not to love about all that???

Welllllll…Harper Fox is still my new favorite person this week, but…Driftwood…hmmm.

Let me explain.

MC and town physician Tom is carrying some heavy baggage from his three tours as a military combat doc. There’s a seriously sad and legitimate reason for his pain, but he hasn’t properly exorcised his demons, and he drinks in order to dull the hurt.

MC Flynn is dealing with his own issues, including surviving a devastating helicopter crash that killed almost his entire crew. Complicating things, fellow crash survivor Robert has Flynn under some kind of spell, to put it mildly. Outsiders might say their relationship is a bit unbalanced and possibly even abusive. But maybe Flynn likes it that way?

Tom and Flynn connect one day after a mishap at the beach, and their relationship escalates pretty quickly from there. I liked these two together, a lot, but anytime Robert entered the scene, I got tense. The angst, guys, was off. the. charts. The mystery was spot on. The chemistry…unf.

So what were my issues, then? Unfortunately Driftwood was wordy and occasionally confusing. Passages of time weren’t always clear and events bled together. With the sexy time, well, I wasn’t always sure who was giving and taking and doing The Stuff. Ahem. It simply wasn’t as polished as some of Fox’s other works.

It isn’t overly long, but there were portions that really dragged. I’ve seen people call Fox lyrical and say her writing is poetic. I’d agree and add: man, I REALLY like her style. I just don’t think it entirely worked with this plot. Still, the ending was perfect and I liked the way things turned out. I say read this one if you’re a lover of tension and mystery and torn up military guys looking for a well-deserved slice of redemption.




Ami – 4 stars
Sara – 2.5 stars
Susan – 3.5 stars


Title: Driftwood
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 139
Release Date: Aug. 17, 2010
Purchase Links: ARe, Samhain Publishing, Amazon



2 comments on “REVIEW: “Driftwood” by Harper Fox

  1. helenajust
    July 14, 2014

    I don’t usually read reviews of books I already know, but I did this time because I expected it to be full of praise and was disappointed. I really don’t agree with 3.5 stars, especially having read your reasons, but I am pleased to see that, generally, you’re very positive about Harper Fox.

    Spell check error: “exercised his demons” should be “exorcised his demons”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenni
      July 14, 2014

      Reading is such a personal experience, huh? What one person loves and adores, another might just like–or hate! My best friend pulled a DNF on my all-time most favorite book ever in the history of ever, but I kinda love her for that. :) All that said, in this case, 3.5 stars means “I liked it a lot. Would recommend it…” Here’s a link to our ratings scale: https://boysinourbooks.com/ratings-scale/ (if it helps).

      I’ve recently been on a Harper Fox reading kick. I do love and adore her Tyack and Frayne series: https://boysinourbooks.com/2014/07/10/review-once-upon-a-haunted-moor-by-harper-fox/. I’m just finishing the fourth book in the series, so stay tuned for those last three reviews.

      Oh, and thanks for the word-usage correction. It happens to the best of us! All updated, now. Happy reading, Helena! :)


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