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REVIEW: “No Rest for the Wicked” by A.M.Riley


Adam has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, a new taste for ‘O’ neg blood and allergy to sunlight being the least of them. Maybe it’s the cute young grad student who has been sniffing around Adam’s longtime sex partner, Peter. Or maybe immortality gives a man a little too much time to think. But Adam’s feeling motivated to change a few of his ways. If he could just get Peter to stop working long enough to notice.

Peter has his own issues with dating a dead man. And after over a decade of being in love with a commitment-phobe, he’s finding it hard to believe that Adam isn’t sampling the goods of the hot young vampire he works with.

They manage their issues the way they always have. By not talking about them…until a high profile computer software genius turns up drained in Hollywood, revealing a new vampire gang in Los Angeles, and all of their troubles come to a head. There’s no rest for the wicked.



No Rest for the Wicked is the second installment in the “Adam & Peter” series : Adam has settled in his undead status, he’s a no-I-am-not-working-for-the-cops consultant in a murder by exsanguination case again, AND he’s trying to be a boyfriend.

I’ve already reviewed Immortality is the Suck not so long ago, and I didn’t intend to review this book at first. But I am so blissfully Adamized that I had to share the happy and some Riley love! Bear with me, I’ll try to make the gushing short.

So, what’s so good? The mystery is well done but it’s not Agatha Christie, it’s not a deep deep exploration of the human soul, it’s well written but  not free from a few flaws about which I will  not elaborate because I couldn’t care less.

Because in this instance,

Nothing’s endearing like a selfish prick trying to be good, and still unable not to bend the rules, but still trying some more. Nothing’s funny like a badass  turning for one brief episode into a jealous housewife and aware that he’s the unliving parody of a soap opera. Nothing’s sweet and again, funny like a cynical ass painstakingly blogging to help kids. Nothing’s sexy like Adam manhandling Peter and nothing’s good like rough men with unbridled libido making gruff, dare I say modest declarations of love.

Adam & Peter.

Roger & Sean.

Bill & Chris.

Robert & JD.

Stefan & Evans.

I love Riley’s characters. The stories may be different, the objective quality may vary, but  they have this common point of being perfectly imperfect, and I find them all funny sometimes, endearing,  sexy, rough-and-sweet, passionate and so, so gripping always. Of course, It doesn’t hurt that they’re usually surrounded by great if not always supportive secondary characters, that the story telling generally packs some action punch and occasionally sneaky twists,  and that A.M. Riley can write chemistry and make you ship dysfunctional like crazy!

As you can see, I’m enamoured and biased. But that’s because even though I loved some stories more than others, they all sent me to a happy place where I am entertained and my heart is set aflutter. None of them ever truly disappointed me.

I can’t recommend Riley’s backlist enough and this series is an excellent point to start. Go grab it. You. Will. Have. Fun.





Ami : 5 stars

Xing : 4 stars


Title: No Rest for the Wicked (Adam & Peter #2)
Author: A.M. Riley
Publisher:  Loose Id
Pages: 172 pages
Release Date:  March 10th 2010 
Purchase links : Loose Id, ARe

6 comments on “REVIEW: “No Rest for the Wicked” by A.M.Riley

  1. Xing
    July 14, 2014

    Great review! This series is so much awesome, I just wish there was MORE.


    • ilhem3606
      July 14, 2014

      Thanks. I know, right?! I’d love to read how they’re going to deal with the immortality problem, but truth be told, I just want more of them too. Plus, I’m getting anxious because I don’t have many Riley books left to read.


  2. LegeArtis
    July 14, 2014

    Adam <3
    It's weird, I read several of her other books as well: The Elegant Corpse, Amor en Retrogrado and I finally read Son of a Gun just last week and I liked them all, but when you ask me to name few authors I like I always overlook her… Every time I see her book I am like: "Oh, yessss….AM Riley. " :|
    I have to fix that. ;)

    Great review Ilhem!


    • ilhem3606
      July 14, 2014

      Thank you. Well, it makes sense, she’s been out of the scene for some time now. I hope that she will write again, I don’t like to reread and I’ll definitely have to do that if I want my Riley fix. :)

      Oh yes, Adam <3


  3. Ami
    July 16, 2014

    I still wish that she quits her day job and write full time, damn it!! Riley is still tops my favorite author list. I envy you, actually Ilhem, because you have only read her now. While I read her last few years back, so I wait longer for her new stuffs *hiks*


    • ilhem3606
      July 16, 2014

      Lucky me!
      Did I tell you that I haven’t read ALL her backlist yet?! ;)

      *pets unread books*


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