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REVIEW: “Dark Soul Vol. 4” by Aleksandr Voinov



In “Dark Rival I,” the noose tightens around Stefano Marino’s neck. While Silvio and Franco are off taking care of the Russian problem, mutiny brews in Stefano’s crime family. It soon becomes clear he can trust only one man in his life, but whether he can hold on to Silvio-and what it might cost his marriage-are questions for which he has no answers.

In “Dark Rival II,” Silvio returns from his mission. Job done, threat gone, Stefano knows Silvio has no reason to stay. Or so he thought, anyway, until Silvio makes his move. It seems Silvio wants only sex, but Stefano is well aware there’s much, much more on the line. Including Donata, whose suspicions of a mistress in Stefano’s life are uncomfortably close to an even more uncomfortable truth.

Hopeless and helpless as his life crumbles down around his head, Stefano gives in to his desires in “Dark Temptation.” He isn’t any closer to understanding Silvio-and he’s farther from Donata than he’s ever been-but at least he’s come to understand his own needs. Now if only he could figure out how to be himself without hurting the ones he loves the most.

This title is #4 of the Dark Soul series.


Has anybody ever told you it’s easy to get used to you?”
“No. Means I’m boring?”
“No! No. It means that you leave . . . an absence when you’re not there. Unlike other people, who leave nothing.”


Where do I start with this one? I am a mess after finishing it. Voinov has murdered the redhead with his words. I am done. I want so much with these boys and this story and even when I get it I am not satisfied. I want more and I don’t want it to end.

In “Dark Rival I,” Silvio and Franco are away doing what they do best which includes death, guns, and um, death and I hope a bit of what we got in Vol.3. Stefano is left behind to deal with his underlings and their concerns about having a Spadaro on their side. I am still uncertain of the tyrannical details that seem to revolve around Paolo and I don’t think I want to know. There are something’s even I can’t handle and the hint of what he did to his son’s turns my stomach. Yes, I know, what his boys do with each other doesn’t but… anyway.

The brothers Spadaro go off and do their job and Stefano pines away for Silvio, which I kinda liked reading. I have said it before, I like the way his mind words AS it works out the attraction to the barracuda. The inner struggle is done so well I get lost in it and then she returns. Dammit. I shouldn’t want Stefano to cheat on his wife, right? Oops?

In “Dark Rival II,” the boys are back in town and the job has been completed. The “debriefing” at the table tore at my heart. I want to hug the man who cannot be touched and let him know he is worthy of so much more than just his brother’s love. Franco, you hurt my heart and yet at the same time you really piss me off. How could you do that? I mean, I liked where Stefano was going with you and your brother in his head and your brother. Ugh. Dammit, Franco!

But along with the turmoil of the eldest Spadaro comes a giving in with Stefano and Silvio, finally! It was more than I expected and given what I have so far, that is saying an awful lot. But then again, there comes the wife and her suspicions that lead to a side of Stefano that had me cheering in bed as I read the last bits of this!

Was it that part of him craved dick, which his wife couldn’t give him? Or was it really just about Silvio, his presence, his sensuality, the forbidden, utterly crazed desire he’d felt for the man from the day Silvio had stepped from a motorcycle?


So, that takes us into “Dark Temptation,” which needs to explanation with that title. I loved Stefano and his uber macho possessive streak when it came to Silvio and how he went off on the hunt. Silvio has slowly let down his guard with Stefano and lets him see the things that truly hurt him. He did at the end of Vol. 1 when Gianbattista sent him away and he does here with his brother. Silvio is reckless and he gets off on the risk, but Stefano wants to control that and I have the biggest grin on my face thinking of him that way.

We’re just what we do, not what we feel. Tempting. If anybody could show him how to do that, it was Silvio…

Ack! The end of this one was amazingly perfect. I have read the last few pages about five times debating on continuing straight away to the last volume or staying in this semi blissful state? I am not sure how this will end at all. I know from my reading history, an HEA is not always what makes a story great but there is this part of my romantic heart that is rooting for one, how could I not?



13368906Title: Dark Soul Volume 4
Author: Aleksandr Voinov
Publisher: Riptide
Pages: 68
Release Date:  February 12, 2012
Purchase Links:   Riptide, B&N, ARe,Amazon      

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Dark Soul Vol. 4” by Aleksandr Voinov

  1. karenwellsbury
    July 17, 2014

    I am enjoying reading these reviews, I also really loved the books never managing to write anything cohesive about them though, as they left me quite emotional.


    • Sara
      July 17, 2014

      Thanks, Karen. I haven’t moved on to Vol. 5 yet. I am a bit scared to see this end and what will happen. This series is so intense and I am so invested, I just want everyone to be okay in the end.


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