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REVIEW: “Acting Out” by Tibby Armstrong



Jeremy Ash, an aspiring actor, is single, gorgeous…and openly, quietly gay. When he lands a starring role opposite America’s favorite former child star, 21-year old Kit Harris, he’s ecstatic and more than a little attracted to the enigmatic star.

Kit Harris’s career has been flagging and his agent promises this new film, an edgy coming out story with a famed director, is just the thing to get it back on track. The problem is that the film is relatively intimate in nature, and Kit’s definitely not gay. He’s not even slightly bent.

When the two men collide in a crushing first kiss that leaves both gasping for air, Kit’s left reeling and Jeremy’s left wanting. And that was just the audition. When filming starts and the two men are brought into close proximity every day, passions ignite and souls collide–both on screen and off. The two men find that the only way to assuage their mutual lust is to give in to it. Kit’s sure this strange new attraction will run its course; Jeremy’s hoping it never has to end.

But when a manipulative model obtains salacious film footage of the two men in bed, Kit’s prepared to do whatever it takes to save his career. But how far is too far to push the boundaries of love and how long can one man hide from himself?


Yay! I was hoping, after reading book 1 of this series, that the author would kick it all up a notch and she certainly did! Book 2, Acting Out, took the things I liked best about the first book and built on those. The end product: a really enjoyable read!

Acting Out focuses on the 2 actors that played the main characters of book 1, the movie version (sounds confusing, but trust me, it makes perfect sense when you’re reading it). Jeremy is a new-to-Hollywood, fresh-faced gay actor who lands the part of a lifetime playing the role of Greg (the screenwriter from book 1). Kit, the seasoned child-to-adult actor, needing a hit to give his career new life, plays the Aaron character.

Jeremy and Kit have some sizzling chemistry and I really enjoyed the scenes both with their clothes on and off! The conflicts of 1)Jeremy being new to Hollywood, 2)Kit being new to male-on-male action, and 3)the limelight of being in a movie played themselves out nicely in this story. There was just enough angst, mixed with a healthy dose of smut, intertwined with strong emotional pull.

And though it was great seeing and getting to know Greg better (though Aaron was kind of a afterthought in this book and I would’ve loved to see more of him as well), the book could work as a standalone since it focuses on a new couple (honestly, though, I think you’d enjoy and ‘get’ it more if you read book 1 first).

I will say I had a few consistency issues that I wished a beta reader or editor would have caught. All of which were big enough and obvious enough that they were distracting.

But all in all, enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to continuing on to book 3.



13530038Title: Acting Out (Hollywood #2)
Author: Tibby Armstrong
Publisher: Loose-ID
Pages: 318
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Purchase Links: Loose-ID, Amazon, ARe

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Acting Out” by Tibby Armstrong

  1. fritz42war
    July 19, 2014

    Great review! I started the series with this book, and then went back and read the series in order. I do have to say that this book is my favorite of the series. I love these guys would love to see more of them.


  2. Book 3 is a bit heavy, but in a good way. Aaron and Greg have miles to go yet….

    Great review :)


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