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REVIEW: “Tinsel Fish” & “Don’t Let Go” by Harper Fox


Tinsel Fish (Tyack & Frayne #2)

Christmas in a Cornish seaside town, bright lights and a hot new romance to ward off the winter storms… What could be finer? But Gideon and Lee’s first festive season together is shockingly interrupted when Lee tries to rid a client’s home of a malevolent presence. The ritual goes wrong, and in its aftermath Lee is strangely altered. As well as dealing with the changes in his lover, Gideon has a sinister thread to follow, linking the haunted house with disappearances among the homeless people of Falmouth.

Can love withstand what looks like a case of possession? As the darkest night of the year comes down, Gideon finds himself locked in a battle to restore his lover’s soul.

Don’t Let Go (Tyack & Frayne #3)

What’s haunting Lee Tyack? He’s moved in with Gideon Frayne, and they’re both loving their new lives. But the shadow is still there – a voice from hell that torments clairvoyant Lee, and which even the pragmatic copper Gideon can hear.

Gideon’s determined to protect his lover. But after a serious injury on duty, Gideon finds out the hard way that he needs protection too. His job’s on the line and he’s scared. Worst of all, he thinks he knows who that voice belongs to – and he can’t stop Lee from heading off to confront this most terrifying ghost from his past.

When the full spring moon rises over Cornwall’s rugged coast, and the veil between the worlds grows thin, Tyack and Frayne must join forces to solve a decades-old mystery that still has the power to tear their world apart.


I’m cutting straight to the meat: I cannot stress enough the awesomeness of this entire series. The world building is divine, the characters are meticulously drawn, and the writing is flawless. In short: read this series NOW.

Background: the Tyack and Frayne series follows English copper Gideon Frayne and his clairvoyant lover Lee Tyack on a string of adventures and mishaps set among the eerie Bodmin and Truro areas of Cornwall. I started the series a few weeks ago and immediately plowed through the next two books; I just finished the fourth (and final for now) book last week. Since they’re short, captivating and easy to read, I’m combining the second and third books in this review. Look for my Kitto (Tyack & Frayne #4) review tomorrow.

Tinsel Fish (Tyack & Frayne #2) is set at Christmastime, and this story, for me, was as much about relationship building (both romantic and familial) as it was about mystery.

Gideon and Lee are still in the early stages of their love story, but there’s never any doubt they belong to and believe in each other. Swoon! Instead, the issues they face come from outside forces. Winter is upon them, and demand for Lee’s psychic services is on the rise. Gideon’s eclectic brother and enthusiastic mother are bearing down. And when Lee takes on a new case involving unexplained disturbances in a client’s house, things really go haywire. Can the couple be persuaded to believe in ghosts? Or is something more sinister at work?

Gah, the who-done-it was engrossing, and I loved meeting new rotating cast members. Gideon’s brother Ezekiel at first seems to be a scary, hard-assed homophobic minister, but he comes into his own—sort of—after plenty of hard work on the part of Lee himself, and Gid’s mom. In the end, my guys find their way through the mystery AND the family shenanigans. My takeaway? This short story packs more punch than tales twice its size!

In Don’t Let Go (Tyack & Frayne #3), Gideon and Lee are cohabitating and collaborating. Gid has found himself inexplicably connected to his lover’s clairvoyant abilities, and while that might not be a bad thing, it’s not an entirely good thing, either. The mystery in this installment was all about Lee’s past and how his gift came to be, and it was so satisfying—and at times sad—to see how Lee’s father and extended family contributed to the man Lee became.

First, though, Gideon is viciously attacked, and that puts a strain on their developing relationship. Really, it made things quite real between the two of them: the push and pull and stress and strain of taking care of each other, and how injury can toss perceived relationship roles out the window. My heart soared when, despite his injury, Gid rushed to Lee’s side to protect and support his lover in Lee’s greatest time of need.

This book was the most exciting, heart-wrenching and intense of the series so far. Harper Fox is a goddess, people. A goddess who, outside of writing a page-turner of a mystery, draws up some of the most erotic, dreamy, tender, steamy, loving sexy time this gal has ever had the pleasure of reading. More please, to all of the above!




Tinsel Fish: Ami — 4 stars
Don’t Let Go: Ami — 4 stars


Title: Tinsel Fish
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: FoxTales
Pages: 97
Release Date: Dec. 20, 2013
Purchase Links: ARe, Amazon



Title: Don’t Let Go
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: FoxTales
Pages: 128
Release Date: Feb. 11, 2014
Purchase Links: ARe, Amazon



4 comments on “REVIEW: “Tinsel Fish” & “Don’t Let Go” by Harper Fox

  1. fritz42war
    July 22, 2014

    Great review. I agree. These books just pulled me in. Everyone must read this series!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenni
      July 22, 2014

      Gideon makes my heart all fluttery, seriously! :D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LegeArtis
    July 23, 2014

    I love this series… and this couple. Their conversations are unforced and they seems so natural to me.. and Gid is swoon-worthy material…gah, love him.
    I know that Fox planned at first only 3 stories and when I saw she continued it I was so damn happy! :D

    Great review, Jenni!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenni
      July 23, 2014

      Thank ya! Only three stories were originally planned?! Wow, well I’m glad things changed, and now it looks like there just *has* to be a fifth book, woo-woo! :D


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