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REVIEW: “Get What You Need” by Janey Chapel



An ordinary Thursday night at Bryan’s Bar in downtown Atlanta, Georgia-home to a staff made up entirely of ex-cons of one stripe or another-turns into something quite different when riled-up police detective Patrick Graves walks in. Bartender Jay Hinshaw recognizes Patrick’s leashed ferocity and offers him exactly what he thinks Patrick wants: an outlet for his pent-up frustration. But Patrick’s a complicated guy, and getting what he wants only scratches the surface of what he needs.


I’m kinda surprised that I enjoyed this novella as much as I did.

Why? Well, it’s a bit porn-without-plotty, to be honest. There’s insta-lust bordering insta-love. And there wasn’t a complete…story…here. It was a series of scenes over a course of a few days.

BUT…I actually really, really liked it. It could be the fact that I read it while on vacation and it didn’t require my full attention. It could also be that it was HOT. But, I think mostly, it was because I actually LIKED the people I was reading about. And though as is, the book was a great read…I WANT MORE of this story!

Jay is a bartender in a local dive bar. Patrick a cop who comes in for a drink needing to unwind. Their connection, their CHEMISTRY, was palpable and the heat between them through the most basic of flirtation and conversation radiated from my kindle! By the time the two of them get together, I was already pulled in.

What I really appreciated about this story was the honesty and the unexpected vulnerability of the two characters. I might expect this in a much longer book, over an extended evolution of a relationship. But, the author manages to do it in much fewer pages, while keeping it believable. I didn’t want “morning” to arrive in the story…I wanted that last night to last so much longer.

The book is sweet, sexy, and feels mature in the way it’s written. It won’t take you long to finish and I definitely recommend it if you need an entertaining read to fill the time.



9278594Title: Get What You Need
Author: Janey Chapel
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 78
Release Date:  September 29, 2010
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

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