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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “City of Monsters” by Andrea Speed



Hunter is a human turned animal shifter in Nightshade, a literal city of monsters in a near-Earth dimension called Dev. All sorts of beasts reside here, unable to return to Earth, yet still plagued by the same jealousies, rivalries, and needs of any human. Resolving them is Hunter’s job.

Hunter faces supernatural perils at every turn: vampire debt collectors who most decidedly don’t sparkle, werewolves who literally piss on everything you love, and surprise shifters. And just like back on Earth, there are mundane struggles too. Like paying the rent—which isn’t easy for a guy with more vices than virtues—and keeping his haunted blender happy with pricey produce. So he takes a job from a foul-mouthed reverse tooth fairy to find her missing twin.

Just when things seem like they couldn’t get any worse, Hunter meets Sakari, a hot newcomer to Nightshade with a taste for danger. Will Sakari change Hunter’s bad luck, or will he only mean more trouble? Can Sakari help him solve his case? And how will Hunter explain the new man in his life to his blender?


City of Monsters is a sort-of spin-off from Andrea Speed’s “Josh of the Damned” series. If Josh is in the human world where monsters could leak into it, Hunter lives in the monster world: the world called Dev, in a city of (literally) monsters called Nightshade. All monsters are here. Humans who are turned into ‘were’ found themselves in Nightshade too, without remembering how they got there. Hunter is one of them.

Hunter is a were – though when the story starts, he still doesn’t know what kind of were he is – and a finder. He is in a deep debt to a vampire – thanks to his gambling vice. His current case is to find a missing reverse tooth fairy (yes, reverse, these tooth fairies change coins into teeth!). Then he stumbles into Sakari, a newly turned human who just lands on Nightshade. Hunter feels like he needs to show Sakari the ropes (and yes, he is also attracted to the younger man, what’s wrong with that *lol*).

Much like the first story of “Josh of the Damned”, I found this one to be highly entertaining. Andrea Speed can write characters with a dash of humor and a lot of wit that charmed the pants off of me. Characters like Hunter. I found Hunter’s unwillingness to check what kind of ‘were’ he was – although he keeps thinking all sort of animals, and it keeps getting worse *grin* – to be amusing. I must stop myself from trying to find out myself! His one-liners are spot on as well.

Since the story is taken from Hunter’s perspective with first-person POV, I didn’t feel like I got to know Sakari very well. Sakari is a photographer, working for Reporters Without Borders. His last job before being turned and transported to Dev was in Uganda. Considering the dangerous place he is in, I think Sakari is definitely courageous and he challenges Hunter to be much pro-active. His animal-side is frickin’ awesome by the way!!

I enjoy reading the description of Nightshade and the secondary monsters are comic-kind of fun. There is no heavy romance despite the start of relationship between Hunter and Sakari. Although, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if Sakari likes Hunter because Hunter is the first human-turned-were that he meets in Nightshade (basically Hunter is there for the taking) or because he actually feels attracted to Hunter.

Time will tell whether I find the romance as believable. Which means, Andrea Speed and Riptide need to make a series of this too #justsayin’.



Title: City of Monsters
Author: Andrea Speed
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Pages: 80
Release Date: August 11, 2014
Purchase Links: Riptide Publishing

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