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REVIEW: “So Far Gone” by Avril Ashton



One night? Feels like three years…

Jacob Donnelly wants something new. Something different. Which is why he’s got a one-way ticket to New York and his bags packed. One last night out to the bar finds him in a sexy stranger’s bed, giving in to an explosive chemistry Jacob had been searching for, but never found. Until now. It’s too bad he’s leaving town, although once he finds out his one night stand’s true identity, Jacob can’t get away fast enough.

Cash Warner made a mistake. It doesn’t matter that he’d never felt anything like the fire generated between him and Jacob. He doesn’t plan to ever see his one-night hookup ever again. Except he does. When the reality of what they’d done fully sets in, Jacob flees, leaving Cash struggling with how to deal with the bitter taste of betrayal he can’t escape. Because even with Jacob gone for years, Cash can’t stop wanting more of that one night. Fate conspires against them once again, bringing Jacob home after tragedy strikes, and they’ll find it near impossible to keep their distance despite being committed to other people.


I wasn’t sure what I would get with this book from the blurb, but I kept coming back and reading it, so I knew I had to try.

We meet Jacob Donnelly as he is packing to leave Mundy, Texas and move to the big bright lights and big time that is New York City. Jacob had been living with his brother Eric after his parents tossed him aside when he came out. Jacob and Eric have a close relationship, as close as two brothers can get when they are the only family they have. Tonight would be Jacob’s last night in town and he goes out to the local bar to find someone he can relieve his sexual tension.

Enter Cash Warren, a tall glass of sexual chocolate who after being stared at by Jacob for most of the night invites him back to his hotel room. Neither man is fond of one night stands but there is that spark between them, and they give in. Spark? Yeah, I will call it that.

The one-night stand was nothing short of hot. I read it sneakily at my desk while at work blushing… do you know how easy it is to see a blush on a natural redhead with fair skin? Oh yeah. I was blushing and gasping and OMFG and STFU-ing when the one-night stand turned into “hello long lost lover!” Holy Hell I did not expect that would be the reason Jacob flees and Cash flips out, as we are told in the blurb. Well then.

So what are these boys going to do? They have a bad case of insta love/lust, and I want them to figure this out but um, how can they? Things moved really, really fast with Cash and Jacob, to be honest I had to suspend reality for a few pages to deal with it but again, it was intense, and I liked all that angry kissing so I just went for it.

Three years pass after Jacob leaving, with Jacob and Cash having zero contact. Eric has finally persuaded Jacob to come home, and things get a bit tense. I am sure if you read other reviews of this book you know what the deal is and why Jacob leaves so fast, but it’s not in the blurb, so I am not going to give that away. I will say that the secret Cash and Jacob keep about their one-night stand causes drama; more drama than there should be but I kind of like the soap opera effect that was happening so I put on some bright colored lipstick to enjoy it and hopped on board.

Now, I have to admit. I knew the deal that would happen and would allow the men to be together finally. I happened to read a spoiler, something I rarely do, so I knew the situation that was in front of me, and you want to know a secret? I was waiting for it to happen so the boys could be together again and get it on. Is that awful of me to admit? It might be, but I can say that because this is fiction. In real life, I’d be shunned. Anyway, I was waiting for it because hot damn, can this author write some smexy scenes.

After admitting that bit which will get me to hell in a hand basket; I will say there were parts of this story that should have torn my heart to shreds. They could have, had the story been longer and drawn out. Cash and Jacob have the ability to become one hell of an angst fest, and as a self-proclaimed angst whore, I was looking forward to it. The intensity of emotion Cash and Jacob have for one another was palpable in the first half of the story, and I wanted to feel the angst with them. There was emotion with them but had there been more of a back story with each man, it could have been one of those books you love to hate and hate to love. Oh how I love the angst, but it wasn’t there like I wanted. Oh well.

While I am being honest, I also had to throw common sense out the window and just settle in with these boys. I was looking for a story that was hot and sexy, and I got it. Sure; morality and ethics weren’t on the menu with this and that is okay. There are times you don’t want to be right and tick off each line item of propriety and just want to read and get some feels. I got the feels with this one… all the smexy, hot and dirty feels. Would I call this PWP? Maybe. There is a story there and would have been complex had it, again, been longer. But it wasn’t, and I am okay with that.

So Far Gone was my first story form this author and I look forward to checking out her backlist for more of the smexy times.



22638281Title: So Far Gone
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: Sinner’s Haven Publishing
Pages: 130
Release Date: July 18, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon, ARe

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