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REVIEW: “Tales of a Prison Bitch” by Ethan Stone



Thomas Grayson is young, handsome and in prison. If he wants to survive he only has one choice—find someone who will take care of him. Neil Booker is perfect for the job, but Grayson must be willing to pay the price.

Grayson has never been with a man and isn’t thrilled about being a prison bitch but he’d rather be with Booker than be abused by other convicts. He takes to it easier than expected and actually enjoys his time with Booker.

The roles are changed when Booker is paroled and Grayson gets his own boytoy. However, he can’t forget about Booker, not even when he finally goes home.


Instatitlelove. 0:)

I’d hoped for something along the lines of National Geographic Channel’s ‘America’s Hardest Prisons’ (fucked up, testosterone oozing, scarred and tattooed lifer ends up in a bunk with a fresh from High School kid who got caught smoking pot and will now have to drop the soap and join a gang in order to survive, because that’s how US prisons roll, RAWR) , but ended up in your typical Dutch prison in which prisoners wear jeans, pay each other social calls and take showers whenever they please, choose their own cell mates based on their twink factor and are BFF’s with the guards.

FML? Yes indeed.

This is more Porn Without Plot than anything, and in being this, Tales of a Prison Bitch succeeds. There’s plenty of porny scenes and the writing is decent enough. However, right from the very first page I knew I was in for a bit of a disappointment. The narrator blazes through the events as if he wants his story to be over and done with as soon as possible. There’s no build up whatsoever. None of the characters are developed enough to intrigue. You learn little more about the MC than that he “knew I was going to have trouble in prison because of my good looks. Twenty-two years old with curly blond hair, and gorgeous green eyes, I was sure that (…)”. His assumptions are correct.

Before getting into what being a prison bitch entails for the narrator, I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to make a first-person narrative work? When done well, you are allowed into a character’s head and see the world through his eyes. He might not even be aware that you’re sharing his thoughts. When done..less well, you’ll have a nagging suspicion that the author is actually talking through the MC, because his thoughts ring false. Here, it makes me cringe a little when a guy describes his ‘crazy good looks’ like this.

So in Tales of a Prison Bitch, prisoners are divided into two categories. The big, bad guys who can take care of themselves and the ones who are good-looking and can’t. The MC fits into the latter category and although he’s definitely straight, he has no mental crisis about running to one of the bigger fishes upon arrival for anal lovin’ in return for protection. Said bigger guy luckily loves the MC’s “tight bubble butt”, but is also undeniably straight, until (you guessed that right!) they’re both not anymore. So they fuck, fuck and fuck and I’d almost forgotten that they were supposed to be in a prison, until a guard joined in on their fuckery and I was like “huh, what’s a guard doing in a cheap motel room?! Oh wait…”. Then follows more smexing with multiple partners and a sugary ending to wrap things up.

Even when altering the expectations I had based on the title, blurb and cover, I can’t say that I’m entirely satisfied with how things panned out. Still, I suppose this is a nice smutty one-eyed read to kill the time with when watching your kids on the playground with your other eye. And since tastes differ, who knows, this might also be a one-handed read for you?




22826090Title: Tales of a Prison Bitch
Author: Ethan Stone
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Pages: 52
Release Date: August 6th 2014
Purchase Links: Wilde City Press

2 comments on “REVIEW: “Tales of a Prison Bitch” by Ethan Stone

  1. shelley
    August 7, 2014

    Great review Kat :) I particularly enjoyed your one eyed recommendation. If only the other mums – or even better – the Daddy’s new …. :D


    • katinka
      August 9, 2014



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