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REVIEW: “A Thing of Beauty” by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian



“It’s CockyBoys.” A Thing of Beauty shows fresh, unspoiled faces in an offbeat way. Photographers Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian effectively and emotionally draw attention to the young performers.


I know that a lot of people might not understand why a heterosexual woman would be so interested in reading m/m romance. And though it’s gaining popularity in spades, it’s still a mystery to some. I think for me it’s just that there are a lot of truly amazing stories and ridiculously talented writers producing m/m! And, quite frankly, men together are hot…and also beautiful…and also powerful…and because of a very devout/strict/stifling past growing up, also very liberating for me to behold.

Lately (or maybe, I’m just noticing it more), there’s lots of discussion and debate and sometimes arguing about various topics within m/m going around…I feel like I read a new blog op-ed piece almost daily from people w/in the community about thoughts of who should/can write it, who should/can read it, topics that should/can be broached, titles & terms that should/can be used. And I’m learning a lot from it all. It’s fascinating and thought-provoking.

But as a reader, sometimes it feels like I’m navigating around landmines. I don’t read m/m to offend anyone…and yet there are times, especially recently, that I feel like that just by doing so, I am. So there are moments I notice I’m tiptoe’ing around what I read, what I write, even what I think and feel because I don’t want to cross any lines…lines drawn both outside and sadly inside the community as well.

Because of this…and this is just me and the place I’m in…I recently found myself in a book funk. And a bit of the joy had been lost in reading m/m romance.

And then a funny thing happened. I found the CockyBoys.

I realize I’m late to the party.

Naturally I’d heard of them. They’re popular among m/m fans and I’d heard some names before, but never really watched or had any inclination to find out more. I won’t go into the whole story how I suddenly got led to them, but my curiosity was piqued at about the time I was in this funk and just wanted something…beautiful…and sexy…and entertaining…and celebratory…and FUN!

This is not a review of their videos. But, I will say that some of the ones I’ve had the opportunity to watch tell actual stories that are on par with a lot of the books I’ve read. Truthfully, they’re not at all what I expected. They’re surprisingly engaging and…romantic! And it was just what I needed at the right time.

So, I’m now a fan.  (…this is not a political opinion on pornography. Before being dragged into discussions or debate on the topic, can I just enjoy it a little bit for now?… :) )

Which finally leads me to today’s review: A Thing of Beauty. A Thing of Beauty is a photo & story book by Jake Jaxson (founder of the CockyBoys) and snapped by his partner RJ Sebastian. Every page is EXQUISITE. It celebrates the men. It celebrates the male form. It celebrates sensuality. It celebrates strength in a variety of ways. It celebrates beauty and diversity. It’s STUNNING.

It’s also surprisingly honest and laid bare…the book reveals the story of the evolution of CockyBoys, details of the men who run it (“The Throuple” (Jake, RJ, and their 3rd partner Benny)), and all the challenges, emotions, drama, intentions, and healing they’ve encountered along the way. The reader is treated to the hows & the whys and everything in-between. I found the commentary and the text as fascinating as the pictures.

But…let’s get real…the PICTURES: Ricky Roman’s “unf” face, Jake Bass’s furrowed brow, Max Ryder’s alluring intensity, Levi Karter’s energetic appeal, my boo Colby Keller’s overall perfection…along with gorgeous shots of so many others. This book offers both SFW and NSFW sights to behold. The quality, care, and passion…the joy…for the work and the story emminates throughout and there’s a level of class to this project that goes WAAAAAY beyond the strobe lights, vinyl couches, and bow-chicka-bow-wow’s of the porn stereotypes of old.

We’re also treated to behind-the-scenes stories and some fun and surprisingly sweet candid shots of the creators and performers as well. These were some of my favorite parts of the book. There’s a real honesty and openess to it all. The authors bring the reader into their story and build the connection…and isn’t this what any good book should do?

All in all, It’s so worth reading and enjoying…truly something special. It helped pick me up out of my book funk…I think my reading mojo just may be back! Woot!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…not just for porn fans, but for anyone who can appreciate a thing of beauty.



downloadTitle: A Thing of Beauty
Author: Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian
Publisher:  Bruno Gmunder
Pages: 128
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon

3 comments on “REVIEW: “A Thing of Beauty” by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian

  1. Sara
    August 10, 2014

    “…not just for porn fans, but for anyone who can appreciate a thing of beauty.” Gah! Love that line. Great review and though I haven’t had the pleasure to see the book first hand, I agree on so many points you have made and I love your description of the boys… Jake and his brow. Le Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenni
    August 10, 2014

    Ahhhh! I want this baaaaad. You must bring it to GRL so I can drool over it. ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue
    August 10, 2014

    Yaaaaaaas. Bring it to GRL, or else you’ll be greeted by a sad panda face! ;)

    But Susan, I loved the words in your review and I’m glad that A Thing of Beauty has given you back your reading mojo. xx


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