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REVIEW: “Vices” by Nash Summers



Seven years ago, Jones fell for a heartless man named Carver. A drug addiction, numerous sexual partners, and a lonely lifestyle weren’t enough to fill the void that Carver left in Jones’s chest.

Years later, the two meet under familiar circumstances, and Jones can’t help hoping for affection that Carver can never give him. While Jones tries his best to crawl under Carver’s skin and force him to feel something, he finds himself involved in a political war he had no idea he was fighting. Jones struggles to gasp for air in a dying city that’s sinking fast and pulling him under with wave after wave of addiction and betrayal.

Falling for a loveless man is enough to bring someone as strong as Jones to his knees. Will Jones ever be able to reach into Carver’s chest and bring his cold heart to life?


I will say this – Nash Summers, whose first published story I read in April, has slowly become one of my ‘watch-out’ authors of 2014. She has written three shorter stories before and I loved them all. Now she released this cyberpunk romance novel, and boy, she just blew me away. Even days after I finished this … I still had no idea what I wanted to say. So let’s just hope this review makes sense somehow.

Vices” is the first entry of duo-logy cyberpunk dystopian series, called Cold Hard Truths. Jones is one of the soldiers of ENAD (Enforced Necessary Arms Division), a division of state who does dangerous, sometimes dirty missions. They are the state’s rottweilers. Seven years ago, Jones fell for another ENAD member, heartless cold-without-emotion Carver. And now Carver is back into Jones’s life, since he is now Jones’s team leader.

That was all I can practically tell you about the synopsis, because after that, you just have to be ready for a roller-coaster ride. It involves some emotionally fucked-up characters – and of course I just ate that ALL up – betrayal, conspiracy, some techno-nano-bots actions, GUN PLAY (oh, yes, people, there was GUN-PLAY INVOLVED!! Wait, let me REPHRASE that, there was an angry-sex-more-like-dub-con-involving-a-gun-involved … AND IT WAS HOT AND CRAZY AND I COULDN’T EVEN BREATHE!!), and oh delicious kind of unsolved-tension!! This was raw, and dark, and gritty … and I didn’t know if I could even call it a romance. But it was the one that just pulled my heart out of its socket because I loved it when the characters are flawed.

Reading it wasn’t easy – this definitely wasn’t a fluffy story – and I was dying to see how Jones could penetrate Carver’s wall. They were messed-up but beautiful in their imperfection. With the huge betrayal plot that had not resolved and an ending that didn’t even feel like HFN – I would say it was more hopeful for now, rather than happy for now – I couldn’t wait for the conclusion.

Please, Ms. Summers, please say that you are writing book #2 now? Because I am definitely ready to go back to this world again…



VicesTitle: Vices (Cold Hard Truths, #1)
Author: Nash Summers
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 158
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Purchase Links: Loose Id, ARe, Amazon

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4 comments on “REVIEW: “Vices” by Nash Summers

  1. LegeArtis
    August 24, 2014



    • Ami
      August 24, 2014

      I hope you like it *cross fingers*.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LegeArtis
        August 25, 2014

        I loved it. :)
        I wouldn’t pick it up based only on blurb, but your review you were afraid it doesn’t make sense sealed the deal. Thank you, Ami, you haz mad pimping book skillz. :P :)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ami
          August 25, 2014

          You did? Pheww. I felt like dodging a bullet there. Glad that you enjoyed it as well :)


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