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REVIEW: “Tiger Boys” by Linda Gayle



Grad student Jules has always felt different. He’s got buddies, sure, but relationships make him turn tail and run. Dreams of tigers and memories of a mysterious great-grandmother make him wonder if there’s something his parents aren’t telling him. When an unexpected inheritance offers clues to Jules’s destiny, he’s intrigued, to say the least. It doesn’t hurt that the news is delivered by a sexy Russian who seems to know Jules better than he knows himself.

A prince of a powerful tiger clan, Sergei Sidorenko wants to live as an ordinary man. But his family nags him to take his place as king. They offer him a deal: teach the lost prince Julian how to shape-shift and control his untapped sorcerous talent. Then Jules will be king, and war between the once-rival clans will be avoided. Most importantly, Sergei will be released from clan obligations forever. It sounds like an easy out. But Sergei doesn’t count on Jules being so temptingly innocent, so eager to learn. Lessons in sorcery turn to lessons in love. And Sergei falls hard for Jules.

Dark clouds gather over the tiger clans. In a bid to seize power, Jules’s ambitious older brother, Anton, works on the key to immortality. And he needs Jules’s flesh and blood to finish the spell. Tangled in Anton’s machinations, with a traitor in their midst, Jules and Sergei must fight for their lives—and for the love that destiny would deny them.


Exceptional world-building + alluring characters + outstanding writing = one great story!

I’ve yet to read Linda Gayle before, but let me tell you- I’m a new fan.

A complex world of magical shifters unfolds with breathtaking beauty. A royal family composed of good, honest, and fair tiger shifters battle against a storming evil. The loss of a prominent tiger in the clan reveals a secret. More precisely he’s a concealed weapon in the war, an unknown brother, and a potential future king. This advantage happens to be Jule’s, a college grad, who is oblivious to his impending future.

Russian prince, Sergei, is presented with a challenge. If he succeeds he scores a ticket of freedom from the responsibilities he is shrinking away from. He wants to win…bad. What exactly does he have to do? Find the young man and set his hidden tiger free.  Doesn’t sound too hard, aye?

Kink in the plans…he didn’t foresee a fascination with Jules and definitely didn’t anticipate falling in love with him. His sister is presumed to mate the new king. She will fulfill his families’ duties and stand by his side, share his bed, and become his partner. Talk about bad luck. Sergei reigns in his attraction and desires. He won’t turn Jules’ down, but he won’t make the first move. Their connection is instant and fierce but Sergei is known as a selfish bastard and he’d hate to ruin his reputation. He wants to do his job and get out.

Yet the thought of anyone sharing Jules’ bed makes his hackles rise and his claws come out. Sergei finds himself in uncharted waters. He’s never wanted anything more than instant gratification with a lover, but with Jules’ he craves the whole package. He wants…everything.

Jules has never felt complete. He never fit in. He wondered what was missing. None of his wild, restless fantasies were remotely close to his epic fate. Everything he thought he knew about his life was a fabrication, a cover, and sadly, a sham. An astonishing life awaits him, but only if he wants it.

He is a powerful tiger, he can be king…and a king takes what he wants.

So, now the question becomes, what does he want?

A war is brewing, battles are fought and these predators hold nothing back. If you are squeamish, you may want to pass. It gets a little ugly and Anton (the murderous brother) is a depraved villain. To my delight, the vulgar was balanced with a magnificent love affair.

They hold back until they can’t anymore, and then defy everything and everyone…and it’s freaking HOT.

If you like shifters and magic, if you enjoy sexy sweet forbidden love, and if royal tiger boys sound intriguing, you need this book.

It was nearly perfect and certainly the best shifter book I’ve read in a long, long time.



22747375Title: Tiger Boys
Author: Linda Gayle
Publisher:  self-pub
Pages: 225 pages
Release Date:  July 20, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon

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