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REVIEW: “Damaged Goods” by Cooper West



Professor Jesse Ford feels like a failure in both love and life. He’s moved home to live over his mother’s garage after his previous relationship ended in heartbreak and a minor academic scandal, derailing his career. Tired and disappointed, he holes up to lick his wounds and concentrate on his next book, determined to avoid anything having to do with love or romance.

Jesse starts to change his mind when he meets Templeton, the beautiful and engaging punk rocker working as a short order cook at their small town’s popular diner. Templeton, a talented musician, is back in town after escaping from his abusive boyfriend back in Seattle where they had tried to start a band. Encouraged by friends and family, Jesse and Templeton realize they can’t fight their mutual attraction.

The two men from very different worlds decide they might have a chance, but they find their tentative romance threatened by the many secrets Templeton is keeping, and Jesse’s own bruised heart. When Templeton’s dangerous ex shows up, both Templeton and Jesse have to decide whether their fledgling relationship can withstand facing the demons of their pasts.


Have you ever been to a restaurant when you are absolutely starving and everything sounds delicious? Your mouth waters as you order half of the menu and then when the food arrives, you are sorely disappointed. Every dish tastes bland. What could have been a stellar meal, turns out to be a major let down.

Sucks doesn’t it?

That was me and this book. I was hungry, craving all the blurb proclaimed it was and was dissatisfied.

An older sexy professor and a young bad-ass rocker fall in love…hot story potential. Yet for me, it ended up being a hot mess.

Jesse is an art history professor running away from a nasty breakup which ruined his career. He shacks up with his smothering and highly annoying mother’s while he licks his wounds. Jesse and I did not click from the get go. His ‘hard shell’ was abrasive and as much as I tried, I never warmed up to him.

Templeton was hiding from his abusive (‘ex’ depending on the month) boyfriend. He happens to be gifted with musical talents, but he’s almost one hundred percent illiterate. This is such a tender subject and honestly, I didn’t care for the way it was handled. Lot of‘issues’ thrown together in one pot and none of them were addressed like I wished they would have been. For example, referring to his ex-boyfriend as ‘Smashy’ was extremely poor taste in my opinion. None of the secondary characters did anything for me.

I wish I could say it was just a lack of connection between me and the MC’s and the deficiency of tender handling with sensitive subjects, but there’s more.

The writing was lots and lots of tell and very little show. I didn’t care for the first kiss and I sure as hell didn’t like their first time.

I could probably rattle on, but you get the point.  I was incredibly bummed out.

I’d like to say it was probably just me. Bad book day and all.

Maybe you’ll end up happy and sated, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you too find these goods are truly that…damaged.



22575675Title: Damaged Goods
Author: Cooper West
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 200
Release Date: July 21, 2014 
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

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