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REVIEW: “Meet Cute” by CC Dado



Elliot Beck may not have been blessed with mad art skills, a crooner’s voice, or a godlike physique, but he makes up for it with an abundance of quick-witted sarcasm, massive insecurities, and a love of bad boys.

After his best friend Trevor finds him naked and tied to his bed—abandoned by his latest troublemaker—Trevor convinces him to take a chance on a nice guy. When he has an awkward encounter in the men’s restroom with a fitness instructor named Chase, he never suspects the Adonis might be his perfect bad boy.


Mood. Sometimes you have to be in the right mood, or craving something in particular. This is a total mood book. It’s not a fabulous book or even a really good book. I’ll come clean and tell you it’s not the greatest writing I’ve ever read, but oh my shit! This book is funny. I mean, avoid drinking or eating while reading, it could be dangerous. I may have slipped a few lady-like snorts here and there. It’s that stupid-funny that you can’t help but be amused at the ridiculousness of it.

And frankly, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Elliot, or ‘E’, is looking for love….in all the wrong places. He’s got some issues. He complains a lot, he has little to no self-esteem, and he’s flippin’ hilarious.

His best friend attempts to set him up on a date with a ‘nice’ guy. E is clueless to this, and accidentally checks out his surprise blind date’s package in the men’s room. Awkward!

He agrees to go the gym where his new ‘friend’ works as a personal trainer. Gorgeous, funny, and sculpted to perfection, Chase is not the dream man E has been hunting for. He wants to snag himself a ‘bad boy’. There is nothing bad about Chase. Mmmm, Chase is very very good.

Both visits to the gym left me in hysterics. I especially loved the hot yoga scene. I love hot yoga; it’s one of my most favorite things in the world. And his experience cracked me up.

Every time they get physical, Chase pulls away. E thinks it’s because he’s sporting a muffin top and he’s very self conscious about his body. Chase swears he wants him, but needs to take things slow. Chase is keeping something from Elliot. You’ll never guess what.

The plot is extremely far-fetched.

A fair amount of bitching does occur.

The ending was absolutely absurd.

But good gracious, I haven’t laughed that hard while reading in a long time.

Don’t expect a lot….except giggles.



22745475Title: Meet-Cute
Author: CC Dado
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 68
Release Date: August 13, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

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